Best Web Design Software of 2022: Free and Paid Options for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Online

Best Web Design Software of 2022: Free and Paid Options for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Online – The best web design software really depends on your situation.

Whether you want an affordable but powerful piece of software that works on Windows, or something more affordable that you can run on your own server, there are plenty of options to pick from to create the website of your dreams.

And when you’re done making that website, here are some tips to help you make it as popular as possible!

Web Design Software – Mac

If you’re a designer on the Mac, then you have four different web design software options to choose from. Some are free and some are paid, so it’s up to you which route to take.

The first option is RoboMint. RoboMint is a cloud-based software program that can be used without any download and works on all major browsers.

This application comes with templates and design elements preinstalled and has features like image editing/croping or resizing/reducing/resampling options. Next is Inkscape.

A vector editor and drawing tool for creating SVG graphics (scalable vector graphics). It’s compatible with Linux, and available for Windows and Mac as well.

Next there’s GIMP for Linux users. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a free alternative to Photoshop. Finally, there’s Sketch, which is specifically for designing user interfaces and screens.

Dreamweaver CC

What software is the best web design software in 2022? That’s a tough question and it depends on your preferences. If you want a free, open source option that works on Windows and Mac computers then look no further than Dreamweaver CC.

It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use while also offering advanced features like HTML5 and CSS3 support. It even offers templates and tutorials to help newbies get started without needing to invest any money.

And if you’re looking for an online option, there are tons out there! From Weebly to Wix and Squarespace, these companies offer all the tools necessary to create a beautiful website with drag-and-drop simplicity.

They have plenty of themes and layouts to choose from and they can host your site too so you don’t need to worry about that at all. They will also provide customer support and make sure everything is up-to-date.

Plus, their prices are usually pretty reasonable so they’re worth checking out!

Affinity Designer

This app is specifically geared to designers who work with vector graphics. It has a clean interface that’s easy on the eyes. One common problem in design programs is an overload of different colors, but Affinity Designer doesn’t have that issue–colors are very manageable.

You can export projects in both vector and raster formats so they can be shared with others easily. There’s also a Brushes tab where you can save groups of brushes to help speed up your design process.

The program itself is free and open-source, though there’s a pro version if you need additional features like exporting as SVG or EPS. If you’re looking for something basic but more than just Photoshop-lite, this could be the one.

Vector graphics will make it especially appealing for those who work with 3D modeling or animation software because the images can be exported without losing quality.

However, some users might find it lacking when it comes to features such as object cloning and editing tools.


The tools in this list are just a fraction of what is available to help get your website off the ground. A good web designer will be able to guide you through choosing which one suits your needs and timeframe.

Let’s break down the options by platform. For PC and laptops, Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Studio are both fantastic free choices that offer paid add-ons for specific functions.

For Mac users and mobile devices, there is QuarkXpress and Canva respectively. If you’re looking for online web design software, Squarespace and Wix are great choices.

With some differences in price and features, they’re similar enough that it really comes down to personal preference. And finally, if you’re an experienced user or want more control over your site without having to code it yourself, Dreamweaver and Expression Studio come with plenty of templates and features so you can still have a professional looking site.

Adobe XD

After coming out of private beta in 2016, Adobe XD has been steadily improving and adding features to make it one of the best web design software options available.

The interface can be a little intimidating at first (it’s designed to look like a CAD program) but is actually very easy to use with helpful tutorials built-in.

It supports the standard web design capabilities such as responsiveness and compatibility across all devices and browsers, allowing you to view your designs on any platform and even collaborate on projects with others in real time.

Lastly, they offer their own cloud storage service called Creative Cloud Files which offers 5GB of free storage and automatically syncs files across all your devices so that you never have to worry about losing an important file again.

Another great feature is the ability to live preview what your website would look like on different devices and screen sizes.

All this comes in addition to some cool extra features that are perfect for designers who want more control over how their work will look and feel, such as adjusting individual pixel colors or choosing from multiple brushes and gradients.

If you’re looking for a versatile web design software package, Adobe XD has got you covered!

Sketch App for iPad

One tool to help you find the best web design software? Sketch. It’s a little expensive ($99) but it’s worth every penny. You can use it offline and online; drag and drop UI components; and design complex shapes quickly with its direct manipulation tools.

Plus, it has great built-in support for exporting images in various formats that are responsive and ready to be uploaded to your website. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer too many fonts, so you’ll have to purchase them individually or look elsewhere.

Sketch App for iPad is available on the iOS App Store. Other sketching apps include Adobe Photoshop Sketch, which offers most of the features as desktop Photoshop without any subscription fee, even if you want to export at high resolutions.

UXPin also offers sketching capabilities, so there is an alternative if you don’t want to spend $100 on an app. Framer Studio may be more up your alley. Framer lets you prototype interactions for interfaces and websites using intuitive gestures.

It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu, so it will run smoothly on whatever computer you’re using. Framer Studio offers both free and paid options—the paid options give you access to more plugins (and these cost anywhere from $9-$200), as well as 24/7 customer service.


With Pixate, a user can create prototypes quickly without programming skills. You can also animate the prototype to see how it looks in action. Furthermore, the build function converts the prototype into an app that you can share with others via code or export to HTML.

The software also includes all the features of Adobe XD such as prototyping, drawing tools, animation controls, assets management (including drag-and-drop importing), collaborative design with comments and assets management.

Pixate is available on iOS App Store. It has versions for Windows, macOS, and Android tablets. An online version is free but there are paid options starting at $14 per month.

There is also an enterprise option called Pixate Prime which starts at $119 per month for up to 25 seats. If you want more seats, they offer different price tiers that cost between $119-$399 per seat/month based on number of seats and other features such as Photoshop integration.


Designing the perfect website can be difficult–especially when it comes to choosing between free and paid web design software. Here’s a list of five reliable options that are affordable but still offer incredible functionality, including live collaboration and device-agnostic layouts.

These will make creating an efficient, interactive online experience much easier. They’re also more than worth their price tags. Check out these five web design tools and see what you think!

1) UXPin – One of the best web design software programs around, this is a great choice if you have some budget. It offers intuitive drag and drop capabilities as well as collaboration tools like project sharing or team chat so everyone stays in sync on one project.

2) Sketch – A favorite among designers because it allows for unlimited resizing, scalable icons and fonts, Sketch is great for UI/UX work.

Zeplin (formerly Inspect)

Zeplin provides a collaborative UX platform to design better websites. With Zeplin users can share screens with team members to work in real time on the same project.

With inspectors available in most major browsers, it allows everyone to spot potential issues at different stages in the design process. Users can also attach Sketch files right into the conversation.

## Graphite is an online-based wireframing tool that integrates well with many other popular applications. The drag-and-drop interface lets you create wireframes and export them as PDFs, PNGs or JPEGs.

There’s no need to sign up – just start building! You can import existing sketches or web pages, and add images from your desktop. You’ll never have to worry about saving your work since it’s all saved automatically in your browser window.

*Plans start at $10/month

Marvel App

The new Marvel app allows users to watch all the Marvel movies that are currently in theaters. This is a great tool for those who don’t have time to wait until the films come out on DVD or Blue-ray.

Users can even download films to watch offline later, which is perfect for long flights. There’s no limit to how many films you can download, which makes it easier than ever before to build up your own personal library. With each film costing $20, this may not be the cheapest option.

In addition to watching current releases, users can also stream old favorites like Spiderman 2 and Ant-Man & The Wasp from the comfort of their home (or office). It doesn’t matter where you are; these superheroes will always be there for you.

Invision + Adobe XD = InVision Studio (integration is coming!)

InVision Studio is the latest offering from InVision. With this all-new product, you can quickly create, publish and share prototypes in real time on any device or screen.

You can also quickly create, organize, reuse and remix layouts with a library of 2D components that are easy to import into any project. The first version will be released exclusively to InVision Plus+ members in March with an affordable monthly subscription fee starting at just $12/month.

I recommend checking it out!

Does your team work across multiple devices? For example, does everyone use Macs for creative design and your company uses Linux servers? If so, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could collaborate on your designs using software which worked on both platforms?

It turns out there is such a tool—Invision Studio by InVision. This powerful new software allows design teams to simultaneously edit responsive web & mobile UI wireframes & prototyping designs no matter what kind of computer each member uses.

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