What is the difference between a library and a framework in development

Speaking of libraries and frameworks, many programmers must know these two things, but if they smell the difference between the two, many people must not be able to tell. After all, the concepts of the two are still somewhat vague, and the general feeling is that Two names for one thing, but in fact it is not.


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First of all, let’s understand what is a library

  1. I am engaged in front-end development, so let’s take jQuery as an example. This is a lightweight library. We can use this packaged library area to complete some functions we want, and we can even rewrite some codes. There are few constraints on library use.
  2. If you don’t understand the above, let’s give a simple example. I don’t know if you have your own toolbox for repairing computers. There are many tools in this toolbox. Some are bought and some are made by ourselves. We need to use them. When the time comes, we will take out the corresponding tools to do what we want to do. This is equivalent to a library. 


what is a frame

  1. The framework is just a set of frameworks. We can easily accomplish some things according to the regulations of the framework, but we cannot change it and can only use it according to its requirements. Such as Vue, Angular, etc.
  2. In fact, the framework is more like a set of solutions specially made by Biaoqu. Note that it is a set of solutions, not individual ones. For example, React is a library, but if React, react-router, and react-redux are combined, it will be A frame is up.


In fact, the relationship between the framework and the library is very close. My understanding is that both the framework and the library exist to improve the efficiency of our development. The use of the library will be simpler, but the functions are not very comprehensive, while the functions of the framework are comprehensive but we need to use it according to its regulations. Amazon NHS Discount Code 


Whether it is a library or a framework, the key is to use it well is the essence

How to use some front-end frameworks and languages correctly

Frameworks and languages are very important in the rapid development of the front-end. There is no best framework in these frameworks, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Given that a large number of developers currently choose the Angular framework, it can also be said that this is relatively easy, and there are many libraries. The process of creating and extinction of frameworks requires a lot of energy. Today I will briefly introduce some frameworks and languages that are more suitable for everyone. After mastering them, they will be very powerful.

  • computer
  • Dreamweaver CS5


First of all, web development requires JavaScript styles, which are compatible with many languages. JS can be used in browsers, servers, mobile applications, and even programmable hardware, including jshint and jscs code styles and code detection.

Next is the JavaScript framework AngularJS, which can quickly build enterprise-level web applications. The rapid growth of demand requires programmers to have experience in using this framework. This framework is very easy to operate, so it can be quickly built and developed.

Then there is the React library that can provide reusable web components, which can be easily connected to existing projects to achieve simple and fast development. All kinds of components have a good impact on people.

Then use JavaScript to implement the server-side application Node.js, and simply implement the background. Node is used by many people, including many frameworks such as Express, API endpoints, websockets and even torrent clients.

Then there is the database that stores the framework or language. The Mongodb and Redis database is a relatively classic database, which is very convenient during development. The database contains a large amount of framework structure data.

Finally, Meteor is a brand-new web application development method, which blurs the front-end and back-end boundaries. It allows applications to write implementations, and has a rapidly growing community of modules that provide various packages.

Create a virtual host and build a tp framework

  • computer. TP framework

Create a virtual Host

  • Custom domain name: web.shop44.com
  • Running directory: E:/web/php44/shop
  • Save and restart apache
  • Modify the hosts file to do domain name resolution dns
  • Make a php test file for the running directory to see if it can be accessed

Build Tp Framework

Put the TP framework into the directory project

At this point, the tp framework is built 

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