Atom Uniacke (Everything You Want to Know About Him)

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The age of Atom Uniacke, who was born on December 2, 2014, is seven. At the age of 35, his mother gave birth to him at their house.

Regarding his parents, they are his father Robie Uniacke and mother Rosamund Pike. Additionally, Solo Uniacke, his older sister, was born on May 6, 2012.

He has multiple half-siblings on his father’s side, including Robie Jonjo, Florence, Hector, and Olive. There are no specifics about this young person’s academic background.

Atom Uniacke’s Profile Summary

Name definition:                      Atom Uniacke

Birth date:                                 2 December 2014

Sign of the Zodiac:                   Sagittarius

The nationality is:                    U.S.

Place of Birth:                           Unknown

Siblings :                                    Solo Uniacke

A wiki about Atom Uniacke

The famous couple Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike have a younger son named Uniacke. In contrast to his parents, Atom often receives less attention in the business.

He does, however, have extremely high expectations for his future success in the film business since he is a famous son.

Atom Uniacke, a native of the United States, was born on December 2nd, 2014. Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike have not yet divulged Atom’s birthplace.

He has only been a boy for the last seven years. According to rumours, Robie Uniacke’s mother is a well-known worldwide actress, wealthy businesswoman, and mathematics researcher.

Robie Uniacke is well-known in the field mostly as a result of her love partnership with Rosamund Pike.

Physical appearance

Atom, a 7-year-old kid, is adorable. Evidently, his golden hair was a gift from solely her mother. Rosamund Pike never publishes images of Atom’s look because she doesn’t want to give his admirers a surprise.

The social media

Atom Uniacke is too young to have a social media account, if at all.

An overview of Atom Uniacke’s net worth

It is obvious that Robie Uniacke and Rosmund Pike have taken care of all of their children’s requirements. Atom, who is just seven years old, has nothing. He receives all he needs from his parents.6=

Siblings of Atom Uniacke

Solo Uniacke is Only Uniacke’s biological elder brother. His conception occurred in May 2012. At the age of nine, Solo resembles his mother most in terms of looks.

Talking about parents

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike have been dating for the last 10 years. The pair first got together in 2009 and began dating.

Rosamund Pike and her spouse are 17 years apart in age. No matter how young or old they are, they are still in love with one another.

The actress claims that they accept one other’s decisions and are cognizant of one another’s viewpoints.-

Relationships of Robie Uniacke in the past

Before being married to Rosamund Pike in 1982, he had Emma Howard as his first wife. At the time, when Robie was 22 years old, the ex-wife was eight years older than him.

After several years, their relationship came to a protracted and extremely abrupt conclusion.

Robie Uniacke wed Rosa Batstone, his second wife, in the years that followed. She was a successful interior designer who was well-known in her industry.

Robie Uniacke’s second marriage ended almost as soon as her first had. He spent years alone and avoided dating after two failed marriages.

He began dating Rosamund Pike, a British actress who is now Robie Uniacke, in 2009. Robie’s current marriage has produced two boys.

Rosamund Pike’s Past Relationships

Before being hitched to Robie Uniacke, the actress dated Simon Woods. She was a student at the time, studying at Oxford University.

They appeared in the movie “Pride & Prejudice” together. They broke up in 2002 after having problems. Jamie Theakston and she started dating again in 2003.

After splitting from Jamie, the actress began dating Joe Wright in 2005. After dating for many years, they got engaged. When they were about to be married in 2007, their romance abruptly came to an end.

Robie Uniacke’s siblings from previous marriages

Five other half-siblings were born to Robie Uniacke’s earlier unions with Atom Uniacke.

They are Ned John Hamilton Sisson, Tabitha Jane Langton-Lockton, Maximilian Langton-Lockton, Robie Jonjo, and Molly Hannah Sisson.

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