How To Increase The Life Of Your Car

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Written By Albert Roy

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Given that purchasing a car is one of the most significant decisions for many individuals in the nation, the question of how to extend automobile life is frequently asked, which is understandable.

Even better, anyone can maintain their automobile properly without needing to be an expert in cars. All required to ensure regular vehicle maintenance must follow a few straightforward instructions. Remember that being proactive pays off and saves you a lot of money on maintenance. Here are some crucial suggestions to extend the life of your car to make things easier for you:

Cleaning and Covering

With time, car paint starts to lose its shine, largely due to deterioration brought on by sunshine and grime. So it makes sense to stay safe while in the parking lot. Doing this can stop the paint from fading due to heat, dust, bird droppings, insects, etc.

Use the parking brake

A parking brake should be used when parking a car, coping with steep inclines on hills, or even having to press the gas pedal to start the vehicle moving while making sure it doesn’t roll back.

Engine oil should be changed.

Quite literally, what blood is to your heart, engine oil is to a car’s engine. When low-quality or improperly graded engine oil is used, friction between engine parts increases dramatically.

Change the timing belt and drive belt.

The following idea on our list of ways to prolong the life of your car is just as crucial as the previous one. Make sure the drive and timing belts are in good condition to guarantee the smooth operation of your car’s engine.

Watch the tyre pressure.

If you have not noticed, the tyres are the only portion of your car in continual contact with the surfaces you drive on.

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Get the AC serviced

Remember that the freezing agent in an automobile’s air conditioning system evaporates by roughly 10% annually. Therefore, the compressor may sustain lasting harm if the chemical is not replaced on time.

Prevent Drunk Driving

Rash driving increases the amount of wear and tear on every component of your car. Additionally, it raises the possibility of an accident and endangers the driver’s life but also the lives of other road users.


These were some simple pointers for extending the life of a car. We kindly ask that you abide by all of them going forward so that you can drive your existing vehicle for many more years.

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