India reports 826 new covid cases

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According to the union health ministry, 826 new cases of COVID have been registered in India in the last 24 hours.

There are now 22,594 active cases in the nation, bringing the overall number of COVID cases to more than 4.46 crore. In the previous two years, there have been 528,980 deaths in total.

Gujarat supplied 591 active cases, while Assam reported 2722 active cases. Kerala has 3735 active cases, while Karnataka has recorded 2329 active cases.

There are now 2496 active cases in Maharashtra, 480 in Odisha, 379 in Rajasthan, 2939 in Tamil Nadu, 460 in Uttar Pradesh, and 1468 in West Bengal.

The weekly positivity rate is 1.02%, while the daily positivity rate is claimed to be 1.35%.

More than 1503 individuals have recovered from COVID in the previous 24 hours. More than 4,40,93,409 individuals have recovered from covid since the disease’s inception.

Over 90.01 billion covid tests have been performed nationwide to far, with 63,786 tests carried out on the previous day.

More than 219.56 crore vaccine doses have now been given to individuals nationwide as part of the COVID immunisation campaign.

As part of a revamped surveillance plan for COVID-19, the Center has instructed states and UTs to monitor arriving foreign tourists.

In addition, they have instructed all states and UTs to continuously sequence genomes and monitor influenza-like sickness (lLl) and SARI cases in all hospitals. Additionally, the states have been requested to keep vaccinating all eligible individuals.

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