Learn French Fast – 10 Ways to Succeed

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Written By Albert Roy

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There are a number of reasons why anyone would like to learn French fast: whether it is to get a new job or promotion, when planning to move to a French speaking country or for the purpose of a holiday in France, there is always a good reason. Although it is never easy to learn a foreign language, the process can be made easier with the following 10 ways to french language schools in france.

One proven way to learn French fast is to stay in a French-speaking country for a significant period of time, preferably a minimum of one month, and conversing with the natives in their own language: when you have no other choice but to speak French, it is almost impossible not to learn the language.

For those who cannot afford to travel or take time off work, there is always the option of watching French movies in their original version or listening to French music: look for CDs that have lyrics booklets and listen to the words while reading them: this is a good way to ensure that you learn the right pronunciation while also learning new vocabulary.

Listening to French language radio stations is an effective method of getting the right pronunciation and intonation for French phrases and therefore can improve your language skills tremendously. The more you hear people speaking a certain language, the easier it is to speak it.

Another way to learn French fast is to read French books. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to start with books written for children that use simple grammar and vocabulary, then move on to magazines and newspapers when you feel more comfortable with the language. Read those along with a French dictionary; it is a good idea to also have a notebook in which you can write the new words you have come across as well as their English translation, then spend a little time going over these words so that they get engraved in your memory.

Thanks to the Internet, there are also a lot of free ways to learn French fast, such as joining online forums and online French communities: you may not get the added benefit of hearing conversations but communicating with French native speakers online can do wonders for improving written communication skills.

Pen palling with a French person is a method that many schools have used for years. You could write a newspaper advertisement or find someone willing to exchange letters or emails through an online forum. As well as making a new friend, your French skills will benefit from this.

Watching French videos online is another great way to improve your French. Websites that let users all over the world upload their own videos as well as French news websites that have video content all have the potential to help you learn French fast.

Doing French word games such as word searches and crosswords is an additional method of learning a little French. If you buy French newspapers do not overlook the games page; otherwise, you can search online for French word games that you can print and complete in your spare time.

Speaking the language is an obvious way to learn French fast that many may overlook: look at the objects around your home or place of work and try and think of ways to describe them in French, speak French to your goldfish, the more you practice speaking the language, the easier it will come to you.

Consider investing in a French language course. Whether you are a beginner or you would like to take a refresher course, you will improve your chances to learn French fast by using a reliable method that has been designed specifically to help people like you to learn the French language.

Even though the most effective method to learn French fast is to complete a French language course, all of the other methods can be used in conjunction with a French course to speed up the learning process. Practice makes perfect and the more methods you can combine, the greater your chances will be to learn French fast.

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