Price vs Jira Price: Get Your Money’s Worth

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Project management software can play an instrumental role in successful projects. This price vs Jira price comparison will analyze the cost of each software. It will also share the features of and Jira so you can weigh your options. has a visual, collaborative method to support teams in managing a variety of marketing strategies. It minimizes manual entry mistakes because it is a cloud-based platform that syncs all information on a single, accessible dashboard. This allows team members to collaborate, keep track of details, and complete projects on schedule. 

Jira is a software for project management that includes development, communication, and problem-tracking. It assists agile teams in tracking, planning, and releasing projects. It supports Kanban, scrum, and hybrid processes. Managers can organize and prioritize their teams’ assignments in a transparent interface that records progress. Software 

Key Features

Board Views’s project management software features over a dozen board options that allow you to arrange and track your workflow.  

  • Table: This view allows you to add several customizable columns, which is excellent for giving a detailed overview of the project. 
  • Calendar: Calendars provide individual Monday task timelines down to the hour. You can also filter out specific tasks and view deadlines. 
  • Timeline: This customizable timeline displays task groupings as calendar bars for a chronological organization of your work. It also shows you how tasks are connected with each other. In this view, you can also use Gantt Mode. 

Real-Time Collaboration 

Team communication allows you to connect with other team members who are currently signed in to your platform. The project management platform has a collaborative document editor. This editor’s features allow several users to text without interfering with each other. The platform has a view that gives all team members access to all files and information posted to the primary table. 

Integrations allows you to connect to dozens of platforms and apps. You can perform over 25,000 tasks with these integrations. You can integrate: 

  • Dropbox 
  • Excel 
  • Google Calendar 
  • Slack 
  • Zapier 
  • Integromat 
  • Gmail 
  • Zendesk  

You can also connect with project management software such as Jira and Trello. Using the REST JSON API, handle cross-origin resource-sharing requests. Pricing price offers five plans to users: 

  • Individual: Freemium. It includes an infinite number of boards and documents, 200+ templates, 20+ column types, and iOS and Android support. This option accommodates up to 5 people. 
  • Basic: Costs $8/per user each month. This subscription enables you to invite an unlimited number of guests, receive prioritized customer help, and build a dashboard using data from a single board. 
  • Standard: $10 per user each month. This plan contains all the features offered in the Basic plan and features such as customer support, integrations, and automation of up to 250 activities. It allows you to create a dashboard utilizing data from five distinct boards.  
  • Pro: $16 per user each month. It covers all the Standard plan’s features. It provides integration and automation for up to 25,000 activities per month. Private boards and papers, chart views, formula columns, and time monitoring are also available.  
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team for a quotation. This pricing includes all of the features of the Pro plan. You have unrestricted access to enterprise-level automation and integration, enterprise-level security, and control. It also has comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities and multi-level permissions. Demo 

The live demo of provides insightful information about the platform. It will assist you in learning about’s features and functions. You can schedule the demo by contacting the sales team. Reviews 

Rated 4.7/5 on G2, reviews show that it is a helpful software since it keeps online teams engaged. Users also value this software’s task automation and integration features. It is an intuitive platform, and users can quickly access relevant tabs.  

Jira Software 

Key Features 


Create a clear strategic vision for a team and examine the progress of all active initiatives. Communicate priorities with teams and stakeholders in a few clicks, and match the roadmap with a team’s activity. 


Over a dozen reports provide real-time actionable insights on team performance. Create customizable and default reports to track team development and productivity. 

Jira Pricing 

Jira price is tiered into four options: 

  • Free: Offers a limited set of Jira features. It can only be accessed by a maximum of 10 users at once and has enough functions for a small team. However, it only has 2GB of storage and can only automate one project at a time. 
  • Standard: Costs $7/per user each month. Supports up to 20,000. Comes with 250GB of storage, advanced permissions, and complete business-hour support. This plan is suitable for expanding teams. 
  • Premium: Costs $14/per user each month. It is accessible if a minimum of 10 users join. It includes everything in the Standard plan, limitless storage, and 24/7 premium support. 
  • Enterprise: The Jira price for enterprise is customized for every team. It offers unlimited data storage and enables the automation of an infinite number of projects of any magnitude at any moment.

Jira Demo 

The Jira demo will help you understand how it can enhance your processes. Contact their sales team to organize a live Jira demo.

Jira Reviews 

On TrustRadius, the Jira software has a rating of 8.3/10. Capterra gives it a rating of 4.4/5. It is simple to use and can help to streamline procedures. It offers an easy-to-use interface, which people love. When using Jira, it is tough to handle small-scale tasks.

So…Which One to Buy? vs Jira

It depends on the type of work you want to handle. We have offered a quick and comprehensive review of each so you can decide which one has the suitable features for your work. However, if you want to see and Jira in action, you can contact our support team to get access to their demos.  

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