Osmose Technology: How Does It work? Everything About This Company

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On December 24, 2019, Osmose Technology, a private, non-profit organization, was established. Osmose Technologies has a corporate identification number of U72900PN2019PTC188640 and is registered with the Registrar of Pune, Maharashtra. Osmose technology operates on its own and is Unlisted.

Osmose Technology’s directors are “Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar” and “Prashant Ramchandra Roundale,” and its authorized capital share value is Rs. 500000 and paid-up capital is Rs. 10,000.


Many information technology services are offered by Osmose Technology, including mobile apps, websites, web application development, gaming, etc. They are the owners of certain well-known gaming applications available on Google Play. On the internet, there is a rumor that Osmose Technologies could be bogus. Yet, after looking online and on social media, we were unable to locate any compelling evidence to support its falsity. There are, as usual, a variety of evaluations, some of which promote Osmose Technologies as the best in affiliate marketing and others criticize it

Osmose Technology Affiliate Program

The Osmose Technologies affiliate program has piqued the curiosity of many aspiring Affiliates. Because of its daily benefit programs, it is popular. Moreover, they provide affiliate advantages or revenue depending on direct and indirect affiliates. Almost everyone who signed up to be an associate with Osmose Technologies is now receiving payment and has not encountered any problems. Several people assert that fraud is a common occurrence in India, although there is no hard proof to support this. Also, they pledge to daily contribute 20 Rupees to each affiliate of the Osmose organization. In addition to this, affiliates may make money by using direct marketing techniques and lead generation.

How does Osmose Technology generate revenue?

By driving visitors to Osmose applications and retail websites via their affiliate marketing program, Osmose technology affiliates may make money.

Osmose Technologies primarily focuses on two key applications.

  • Online store
  • Gaming Software

Osmose Technologies makes money off of its platforms mostly by:

  1. Advertising on their gaming application, for starters
  2. By offering a platform for online product sales.

The goal of Osmose Technology’s affiliate program is to attract affiliates and leads to their shopping website.

How does the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program work?

The Osmose Technologies Affiliate Program operates using direct marketing strategies and level principles. The Osmose Affiliate Program is legitimate. According to the number of affiliates on the network, affiliates get paid daily. The Osmose Technology Affiliate Program has seven stages to complete, and the money produced changes with each one.

No matter whether or not an affiliate has been elevated to a level, all registered affiliates on the Osmose Platform get daily compensation. Each registered Osmose Promoter may make 20 Rs per day by engaging with the Osmose Technology-created PikFlick app (liking, commenting, sharing).

What is Level Wise Marketing in Osmose Technology?

  1. To get daily payments of Rs 1 for each direct affiliate you make after signing up as an Osmose promoter, you must generate 10 of them (i.e 300 per month)
  2. With these 10 Directs as your core group, you take on the role of team manager.
  3. As the team manager for the affiliate, you will immediately get Rs 1 anytime these 10 affiliates add directs to their team in addition to the direct affiliate.
  4. You may oversee up to 7 levels, and each affiliate you manage who joins at any level earns you Rs 1 whether directly or indirectly.

How Does Osmose Technology Work?

In essence, Osmose Technology Private Limited in India uses its affiliate network to drive traffic and users to the Osmose Shopping website and Osmose Apps.

There are only two ways for us to benefit from the internet.

1) Including adverts on your website

2) Online product sales.

Like Amazon and Flipkart, Osmose Technologies Private Limited in India is an online retailer that got its start with small authorized share capital and paid-up capital. The parent firm of It is Mindskill Gaming Solution, which is well-known for creating social media and android games. As already stated, Osmose Technology is profitable in both ways.

How does Osmose Technology pay the affiliates?

The affiliates are only paid by Osmose Technology Private Limited in India using the proceeds from Osmose Shopping Websites and Osmose Apps. Whether a registered Osmose Affiliate engages in level marketing or not, they all get daily revenue without any conditions! Every osmose promoter is required by such requirements to engage in level marketing.

Anybody in Osmose who seeks more revenue uses level marketing. Osmose is not a fraudulent MLM scheme. It is only an affiliate scheme that compensates you for the affiliates you join. According to its CIN, it is a private corporation with a paid-up capital of $10,000 and a registered location in Pune.

Level-wise Affiliate Program in Osmose Technology Review-

You must make your own 10 Directs after joining Osmose Tech; each direct will pay you one rupee every day.

You will have your team after you have 10 direct reports.

You will get Rs. 1 as a recurring commission each time one of these 10 directs adds a new joining under their directs. up to seven levels.

So, any new members who join in the first seven tiers will increase their daily payment income.

Who is the owner of Osmose technology?

An Indian firm called Osmose Technologies makes and sells water filtration equipment. Pune, Maharashtra, serves as the organization’s headquarters. In 2004, Vikram Madhukar Patil and Vishal Sarjerao Mahind launched Osmose Technologies. Vikram Madhukar Patil, Vishal Sarjerao Mahind, and Prashant Joglekar are the company’s current directors.

Where is Osmose located?

A business that specializes in water filtration and purification is called Osmose Technologies. They have been in operation for more than 20 years, and they are based in the United States. Osmose offers a wide range of goods to meet all needs, and they are always exploring new technological advancements.

How does osmos technology work?

Osmos is a technique created to speed up how quickly webpages load. By caching static files, it avoids requesting those files from the server and can function. Users will see a quicker loading website as a consequence of the decrease in the volume of requests that must be handled.

Is Osmose Technology a Scam?

Anyone’s opinion on the reality of Osmose technology is up for debate. We’ll let you know whether Osmose Technologies is real or fake. There hasn’t been a single instance of Osmose Technologies being a fraud that can be independently confirmed since the business is legitimately registered and those connected to it regularly earn money that only parties get in cash straight into their bank accounts. No complaints have been made about this Osmose Technologies firm yet, and nothing unfavorable has been said about them or reported.

How to join the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program?

The following is a step-by-step explanation of how to begin Osmose Affiliate marketing.

To establish an account, you must first register with Osmose Technologies.

You may sign up for Osmose for free, but to use the Osmose Technology affiliate program, you must pay a monthly fee of Rs. 1180 per three months.

You are required to provide your bank information and supporting documentation for efficient and secure bank transfers after subscribing to Osmose Technologies.

How to join the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program

In addition to your membership, Osmose gives you a voucher worth Rs. 1200 every three months for use while shopping on their website. They also give customers Rs. 20 each day when they use the PikFlick app.

You are permitted to withdraw money from your bank account after the required minimum of 500 Rupees has been credited to it.

Yet, even if you do not add any affiliates, their supporting apps still pay you Rs. 20.

We don’t have any evidence if this connection is authentic or false, however, the major reason people joined this firm was that they received an affiliate commission from it. Hence, please do your homework before joining, and then join at your own risk. Before investing, please review all the company’s documents.


I hope you gained a thorough understanding of Osmose Technology, including its purpose, the individuals who contributed to it, and the number of people it assisted. If you enjoyed reading this article, please consider forwarding it to your loved ones. You are also welcome to offer any comments or suggestions in the section below.

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