PCNOK (Patient Care Network) of Oklahoma: Clinically Integrated Network

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No company or practice in the world has ever been untouched by the development and expansion of networks and technology. And during the epidemic time, this networking expansion reached unfathomable heights. In the present environment, the most prominent area of networking service is medical science, also known as PCNOK (Patient Care Networking). This networking technology has made health science accessible to patients in digital form. Widespread patient care and rehabilitation are primarily improved by this technology, which is more popular according to daily surveys.

PCNOK (Patient Care Network) of Oklahoma Clinically Integrated Network

What Is PCNOK?

A network of primary care clinicians known as the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) has a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Health to treat low-income Oklahomans. In all 77 counties, there are more than 1,200 providers in the network.

The Oklahoma Board of Medical Examiners credential, board certification or eligibility for board certification in their specialty, and possession of one of these credentials are all prerequisites for clinicians to participate in PCNOK.

Family planning, well-child visits, vaccines, acute care visits, chronic illness management, and mental health treatments are just a few of the many services that PCNOK doctors provide.

What is the Full Form of PCNOK?

It was established in 2014 and given the initials PCNOK. The full name of the organization is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma.

Overview of PCNOK

Digital health has been portrayed as a basic answer that greatly assists chronically sick people throughout the globe, and PCNOK plays a game-changing role in this field. Moreover, it supports and offers services for the rehabilitation of old unwell people in all conceivable contexts of care and medical guidance. Doctors want to address the challenges associated with significant patient aging via the PCNOK. For people with mobility restrictions, the existing condition, which requires social isolation, makes things worse. For the majority of patients, these pitiful circumstances exacerbated illnesses linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

People began requiring internet alternatives for their medical treatments in these instances. Monitoring such a large population online is by no means a straightforward operation; it involves significant danger and necessitates the use of cutting-edge equipment. The PCNOK patient care network is the ideal answer for all of these patient dangers. This network offered online treatments by remotely monitoring vulnerable patients to provide care for practically all chronic illness patients.

How Does It Work?

All patients may benefit from a technological solution that PCNOK offers and has been used in the area of medical research. This function enables careful observation of the patient’s health state outside of the hospital.

It is a technical advancement that enables medical personnel to treat patients released from the hospital or with excruciating chronic conditions. With the use of this technology, physicians are given a treatment option for their patients who undergo long-term therapy that requires periodic monitoring.

Working on patient care network

A technological solution that has been used in the area of medical science is a patient care network. As previously stated, this function enables home quarantine or distant relocation, which enables careful monitoring of patients’ health conditions away from the hospital. The clinical parameter devices in this PCNOK technology solution link the health network and system. Healthcare workers who serve patients who have been discharged from the hospital or who have severe chronic conditions are the target audience for the technologies of patient care networks.

With the use of this technology, physicians have developed a new treatment option for the often old who must adhere to a lengthy therapeutic regimen that requires periodic monitoring. Patients are alerted to instant operation center connection and shared with the appropriate care team in real-time thanks to the feature of remote monitoring, continual monitoring, and proactive attention towards patients with certain efficient wearable gadgets. This makes it possible to provide superior care even while you’re far from the hospital. The technology also confirms that the patient’s therapy and medicine consumption were suitable for the duration of the treatment.

Benefits of PCNOK

Benefits of PCNOK

Benefits for patients:

The patient’s health is continuously monitored by technology. This helps the patients remain stable and safe while undergoing therapy. Patients benefit from the technology’s independent management of their health issues in life-threatening situations. It encourages appropriate treatment and encourages patients to adopt a proper lifestyle as a result.

Benefits with family members:

Families and other carers of patients may relax knowing that medical staff is always monitoring their circumstances and providing the best care possible. Family members may now have confidence in anomalies that quickly identify and treat health concerns thanks to PCNOK.

Benefits for health care professionals:

Effective smart active monitoring parameters are provided by the technology at home. to have medical professionals on hand to treat a large number of patients at once when they are in need.

Benefits of SSN:

With its clever detecting and resolving function, PCNOK lessens the need for emergency department visits. With the aid of remote support, it gives patients effective home access at critical moments. It fervently advocates for bringing together patients, their families, and medical experts.

How Does PCNOK Help Patients In Oklahoma?

Our priority at PCNOK is to provide high-quality, patient-centered treatment. To guarantee that patients get the finest treatment possible, we work closely with both patients and their families. In addition to general care, specialist care, and home health services, we provide a broad variety of services.

To assist patients and their families in learning about their medical issues and the best ways to manage them, we also provide several educational tools. We aim to make patients’ lives happier and healthier.

How Do I Access Services With PCNOK?

Our services are available to PCNOK patients in several ways. On our website, PCNOK.COM, you may access our services virtually.

You may also use our services by phoning 1-888-PCN-OKAY, which is our customer service number (1-888-726-6529). From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, our customer support professionals are on duty.

Relationships With Other Organizations

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, was founded in 2013. All Oklahomans will have access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare thanks to PCNOK.

A Board of Directors made up of members from each of the state’s eight health areas oversees PCNOK. The Board oversees the company and establishes policies.

To provide patients with primary care, mental health, dentistry, and other services, PCNOK enters into contracts with providers in each area. Participating providers commit to taking Medicaid and Medicare patients and offering sliding price scales for those without insurance.

Moreover, PCNOK runs a patient assistance program that offers financial support to eligible individuals with the cost of prescription drugs and other healthcare costs.

To increase access to treatment in disadvantaged regions, PCNOK collaborates with hospitals, clinics, and other organizations in addition to working with individual physicians. For instance, PCNOK is a founding partner in the Partnership for Healthy Communities in Oklahoma, an organization that aims to improve healthcare access in both urban and rural parts of the state.

PCNOK Member Organizations

A partnership of more than 100 organizations known as the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is dedicated to enhancing all Oklahomans’ access to high-quality healthcare. Hospitals, clinics, health plans, medical societies, and other entities that make up our member organizations collaborate to ensure that our state has the greatest healthcare system available.

Regardless of their financial situation or place of residence, all Oklahomans should have access to high-quality healthcare, in our opinion. By expanding Medicaid, boosting primary care financing, and promoting laws that will enhance the general health of our state, we are trying to increase access to care.

We are aware that a healthy population contributes to the prosperity and well-being of Oklahoma. We are working hard to ensure that everyone receives the treatment they need because of this.

What is PCNOK Leadership?

It is anticipated that Oklahomans’ quality of life and the state’s health care facilities would improve under the direction of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. In addition to addressing various social issues, they provide healthcare, wellness services, and exercise facilities.

These are the potential human experiences that might result in a general integration of different networks of partnerships to increase the efficiency of the state.

Oklahoma cities’ performance as a result of healthcare networks


No of their location or financial position, Oklahomans may obtain high-quality healthcare thanks to PCNOK, a patient-centered organization. We take pride in providing our members with the best treatment possible that is tailored to their specific needs.

Our network of professionals and service providers collaborates to guarantee that patients get efficient care in a respectful and compassionate setting. For our members to be able to rely on PCNOK as a trustworthy source for all of their healthcare requirements, we work hard to develop close connections with them.

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