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We shall talk about the Slintel series of Capital Economic Times here. Continue reading to learn all about slintel. Here, we’ll also talk on often asked topics like “why slintel” What are the advantages of joining it, too?

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About slintel

An artificial intelligence business is called Slintel. It was created for the first time in 2016. You may see corporate insights, evaluate software, and compare technologies with the aid of Slintel. Because of this, a large number of customers from various businesses have written favourable reviews of Slintel and expressed their satisfaction with the company’s services.

Slintel focuses on corporate software, gaming, pharmaceuticals, and education.

Slintel is the finest option when looking for customers that are actively looking to purchase. This business will assist you in finding the active customers who purchase the things your business sells.

Slintel Customer reviews

Slintel series capital economic time

Liz Oz, who oversees marketing, has consistently written in support of slintel. She said that using Slintel has allowed her department to run very effective advertisements while also saving a tonne of time. She continues by saying that when compared to its rivals, Slintel is the perfect fit. She noted that there were other less priced platforms, but the issue was that their services weren’t ideal in her interview with Slintel. Other platforms were more expensive than Slintel, but when we compared Slintel’s data to that of other pricey websites, we discovered that Slintel’s data was just as accurate.

The main, venture Tech partner John Goodale expressed satisfaction with the slintel series capitaleconomictimes’ services. He expressed how much we appreciate Slintel for its data correctness, global data collection, connectivity, and financial stability.

Bryce notes that Hyas and the director of revenue operations are happy with the slintel. He also described the slintel’s technological details. He continues, “I thought the technological data of the slintel was more distinctive.”

These were a few of the slintel’s happy and favourable customer evaluations. And this is the key reason why slintel series capitaleconomictimes are used by thousands of companies to generate sales.

Slintel 20m ggv capitaleconomictimes

Slintel raised its 20-million-dollar series A money with the aid of GGV, as reported in Slintel’s 20 million ggv capitaleconomictimes. GGV invests in a number of businesses in addition to Slintel. This multinational venture capital firm made investments in more than 200 American businesses. GGV makes investments at all stages of development.

Along with India, Accel, and Stellaris adventure partners, GGV Sequoia capital also participates in the slintel funds.

Slintel obtained a lot of new clients during the last COVID epidemic, which affected many different industries and enterprises. And its total income increased by 5 times.

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The square metre is a unit unique to the metric system of measurement. It is a single area unit among several. It is employed in the US, Canada, South Asia, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Pakistan.

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In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, square feet and square metres are frequently used terms. Some nations, like Singapore and Malaysia, also employ them.

Common uses of the square meter

Slintel series capital economic

The area of a two-dimensional form, such a square or rectangle, is measured in square metres, a unit of measurement. In real estate, it is frequently used to calculate floor space. It may also be used to calculate the diameter of a circle.

Both metric and imperial units can be used to measure area. The area of things is measured using the metric system in the majority of nations. The fundamental unit of area in the metric system is the square metre. The bulk of the world utilizes the metric system; however a few nations continue to use the imperial system.

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In Canada, the United States, and some regions of Asia, this unit of measurement is often used. Some individuals mix up the terms square metre and metre squared. Fortunately, it’s easy to discern the difference.

You can determine the area of a building or room in addition to determining the size of a plot of land. To do this, multiply the object’s length by the square’s area.

Why slintel is important for boosting company revenue?

The modern period is the technological era, when everything conventional became digital. The same is true for marketing and business. By 2025, 80% of business-to-business transactions will be conducted online, according to some study. This is because today’s marketing is all done online.

Therefore, everyone must link their businesses via AI, which is digital. There are several businesses or pieces of software that are used for online and digital marketing for this reason. And one of them is a slintel. Slintel assists businesses in focusing on the market’s active and potential customers. The business may boost sales and income by utilizing slintel services.

Last words

I hope you found this post to be educational and useful. Slintel is the greatest marketing intelligence software, according to the aforementioned client testimonials. Because of the great feedback that their customers left for the slintel services, slintel has continued to grow in popularity. Series A slintel 20m capitaleconomictimes from Slintel was the most recent fund to be raised.

Let’s talk about a few of the fundamental, commonly asked questions.


Slintel Notches how many dollars in the Series A funding round led by GGV Capital?

Slintel receives 20 million dollars in the series A fund slintel 20m series ggv capitaleconomictimes from GGV capital.

Which technology is used by slintel?

Slintel software uses cutting-edge sales tools like Outreach as well as CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive.

Who is the CEO of slintel company?

CEO of slintel is Deepak Anchala.

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