Solo Unicake, the celebrity child of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike!

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Fans will always want to know more about you, especially your family and private life, so anybody or anything surrounding you will become a topic of interest as long as you are popular.

Due of his fame, Solo Unicake has been attracting fans’ attention. They are curious to learn more about the famous youngster.

We will thus discuss everything we know about Solo Unicake and about his parents, Robie Unicake and Rosamund Pike, in this piece.

Solo Unicake Biography

Solo Uniacke, the son of Robie Unicake and Rosamund Pike, is a well-known youngster. There isn’t much information on Solo Uniacke online.

His parents haven’t yet disclosed his location of birth. Solo’s fame has not yet reached the same level as that of his parents’.

However, he has a great chance of gaining beneficial prospects in the future.Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke, a well-known celebrity couple, have one kid, Solo Uniacke.

Solo’s mother asserts that the birth of Solo gave them a wealth of prosperous opportunities. He was born just five months before his mother appeared in “Jake Reacher” (2012).

On May 6, 2012, Solo Uniacke was born in the United States. He is a 10-year-old kid and a Taurus, according to the zodiac.

Solo Uniacke has five more half-siblings from his father’s first marriage. On December 9, 2014, Atom Uniacke, Solo Uniacke’s sister, was also born in the United States.

Career and Net Worth

He is really too young to start his career. He is presently only well-known because of the fame his parents enjoy.

Even though Solo is only a small child, he already has his own possessions. On the other hand, his parents are affluent and take care of all the needs of their two children.

olo Uniacke’s Height

Solo is a really handsome young man. His look was mostly the result of his parents. Like his mother, Solo has blond hair and a very light skin tone.

We still don’t know what other physical characteristics, like height and weight, are.

Solo Unicake Social Media

According to reports and sources, Rosamund and Robie are strict about their kids’ usage of social media. Additionally, he is too young to handle the demands of social networking sites.

According to his age, Solo Unicake is still enrolled in school, although his parents have kept much of his private information private.

Nobody is aware of Solo Uniacke’s grade level or the school he attends.

Solo Unicake Parents

Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke have been in a passionate relationship for almost ten years. He met his parents for the first time in 2009.

Despite the couple’s 18-year age difference, none of these problems exist in their relationship.

Both of them exhibit respect for one another as well as for their work. In the 10 years that they have been married, according to Rosamond, his husband’s affection and love have increased.

Solo Uniacke’s Parents’ Previous Relationships

Rosamund Pike had several romantic relationships before she wed Robie Uniacke. Simon Woods and her were romantically involved around the year 2000.

She had just started attending Oxford University. Their relationship deteriorated after Rosamund learned details about Simon Woods’ homosexual life.

Like Solo’s mother, his father had a history of partnerships. Before tying the knot with Rosamund Pike, he was previously married to Emma Howard.

After several years of marriage, they decide to divorce after having a few arguments.


Solo Uniacke has five siblings from Robie Uniacke’s first marriage.

His half-siblings include Molly Hannah Sisson, Robie Jonjo, Maximilian Langton-Lockton, Ned John Hamilton, and Tabitha Jane Langton.

Facts about Solo Unicake

American citizen Solo Uniacke was born on May 6, 2012, and is of that nation. He will be nine years old in 2021.

His parents have kept their son’s birthplace a secret because of their well-known connections to the media industry.

There is no information on Solo Uniacke in Wikipedia.His mother, the well-known British actress Rosamund Pike, is profiled on Wikipedia.

Solo Uniacke’s parents are quite modest about their personal life, thus they haven’t shared his stature.

Solo Uniacke’s mother, Rosamund Pike, is a well-known actress all over the world. She became well-known after appearing in movies including Gone Girl, Jack Reacher, Die Another Day, and Radioactive.

The general public is still unaware of Solo Uniacke’s financial situation. He may not have any personal items because he is only a young, adorable boy of nine.

Solo Uniacke only has one biological sibling, “Atom Uniacke.” From his father’s first marriage, Solo has five further half-siblings.

Solo Uniacke’s father was wed to Emma Howard for a very long period.

Solo Uniacke’s parents have been romantically involved for almost ten years.

Robie Uniacke, her husband, is 18 years older than Rosamund Pike. However, they haven’t let their age affect their love.

Prior to falling in love with Robie, Rosamond Pike had a relationship with Simon Woods. She had just started attending Oxford University.

Additionally, they had a scene in the movie “Pride & Prejudice.”Unlike her mother, Solo Uniacke doesn’t have a social media profile or an internet presence.

The parents of Solo Unicake have done a good job of keeping information about their son’s life out of the press.

A young child named Solo Unicake is developing under the careful gaze of his parents.

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