Technoblade: Real Name, Face Reveal, And Everything About Him

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We have some depressing news today (1st July 2022). After a protracted fight with cancer, Technoblade’s father announced that his son had gone away. The YouTuber’s true name is Alex, and his father released a video about him.

Further details will be added to the remaining sections of the article. All we can say right now is, “Rest in Peace, brother Alex.”

These days, a lot of individuals are trying their luck on YouTube, and we can see numerous real-life instances of people who have achieved enormous public acclaim as a result of their unique video material. The YouTuber Technoblade is well-known. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about Technoblade, including his true name, the face reveals, and other facts.

Technoblade is an online influencer since he is a popular YouTuber and American Minecraft player with a sizable social media following. Several fans of the extremely talented player who had fantasized about what he may look like were shocked by Technoblade in 2017.

He usually goes unnoticed because he wears a Pighead mask, but after completing the most absurd task in Minecraft—beating it with a steering wheel—he showed his face to the crowd in real-time.

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Who is Technoblade and What’s His Real Name?

American gamer and YouTuber Technoblade goes by the moniker Alex. One of the most sought-after internet influencers, he has a sizable social media following. On YouTube, where he primarily uploads videos of his games along with the occasional amusing video, he presently has over 8.05 million subscribers. The streamer is highly recognized for his gaming prowess as well as the level of skill and strategy with which he plays his games.

Family and Early Life

Technoblade was brought up in the US state of California, where he was born. He is an American citizen and a member of the White ethnic group. He grew raised in a big household with one brother and two sisters.

But he hasn’t mentioned his brother at all. He also hasn’t revealed the identities of his parents.

We assume the young guy finished elementary school before continuing to high school. Technoblade doesn’t seem to be making a big deal out of his academic career.

YouTube Career

Career-wise, YouTube has benefited Technoblade. The video he posted on October 30, 2013, the day after he began his successful journey, was titled Technoblade vs. the owner of Mineplex.

YouTube Career

Once known as TechnoThePig, he later changed the name of his channel. He is recognized as one of the best players in PVP in Minecraft. He mostly uses the Hypixel server for Minecraft to produce his films.

The Pixel Skyblock Experiment, Proof I Don’t Auto Click, Skyblock: The Great Potato War, and Beating Minecraft Hardcore Mode with a Steering Wheel are a few of his best-known creations.

The Ph1LzA is happy to include Technoblade among its members. He is connected to Wilbursoot and Sleepy Bois Inc. as well. Among his most well-known Minecraft broadcasts are Minecraft Story Mode, SMP Earth, Hypixel Bed Wars, party games, and Minecraft Mondays.

Technoblade Face Reveal

In 2017, Technoblade shocked his ardent followers with a shocking announcement as many of them were making assumptions about his whereabouts.

His face was momentarily shown to his viewers during the broadcast when he attempted to complete “the craziest challenge in Minecraft” by defeating the game with a driving wheel. Normally, he hides his identity beneath a Pighead mask. The video in which he exposes his face is included below.

Technoblade Overview

American gamer and YouTuber Technoblade goes by the moniker Dave. He is one of the most sought-after online influencers because he also has a significant social media following. He currently has over 8.05 million subscribers on his YouTube account, where he typically posts videos of his games along with the occasional bit of humor. The gamer is well-known for his gaming skills, level of strategy, and level of skill with which he plays.

Is TechnoBlade Dating?

We’ll presume that since Technoblade hasn’t been in a relationship recently, he is now single. He could, however, be concealing their relationship from view.

The YouTuber has only recognized one relationship on his channel as of this writing. Although Technoblade tries to keep his personal and business life separate, the majority of his information is kept secret. We can only hope that he starts sharing more in-depth details about himself.

What is Technoblade’s Real Name?

American gamer and YouTuber Technoblade goes by the moniker Dave. His supporters frequently refer to him as Technoblade.

Did Technoblade reveal his face already?

Indeed, it is the solution. He hardly even offered his admirers on the broadcast a glimpse of his face after attempting the wackiest task in Minecraft—beating it with a steering wheel—almost three years ago. He could now look more attractive because his face has undergone a significant transformation. Nobody is aware. This is the footage where he shows his face.

Technoblade does not display him in all streams, despite having 2.64+ Million subscribers, in contrast to other streamers. It may not be convenient for him, or perhaps he is the one who dislikes being the center of attention. Nonetheless, admirers of Technoblade’s face reveals would like to see his attractive face more frequently.

Does Technoblade show his face?

Has Technoblade already shown his face? Indeed, it is the solution. He hardly even offered his admirers on the broadcast a glimpse of his face after attempting the wackiest task in Minecraft—beating it with a steering wheel—almost three years ago.

TechnoBlade Net Worth in 2021

He reportedly has a $1.2 million net worth as of this moment. He is currently one of the most well-known YouTubers, and it is known how much money he makes. Because of his video abilities, he obtains millions of views and earns money from YouTube.

Some Unknown Facts About Technoblade

The majority of the information concerning techno blades is covered above. If you still want more information on him, we have gathered a few lesser-known facts. Look at them down below.


In a world where everyone doesn’t have enough opportunities, some people have come up with creative approaches to reduce the opportunity gap. Technoblade is one of the forerunners in this new era. He has taken the formula for success and flipped it entirely on its head by doing something else.

Who would have thought that playing video games on a server, streaming them, or recording oneself playing them would be such a large possibility for earning money? The next generation is motivated to try something new because of Technoblade and people like him since it is OK to do so.

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