Top transcription services in 2022

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The finest transcription services make the process of turning audio and video information into text simple and straightforward.Although there are several applications for basic speech-to-text, they may not handle some of the more complex fields of employment, including the legal and medical fields, or operate well with volume.

At its most basic level, transcription services provide a third-party platform that often incorporates artificial intelligence for speech recognition, thereby replacing dictation services. To guarantee accuracy and a high percentage of transcribing success, many professional transcription services additionally include a manual review procedure.

Overall, the goal is to provide a hands-free service that can handle one-on-one dictation as well as natural conversations, such those from corporate meetings, in order to create searchable documentation that may assist increase productivity and otherwise aid in customer interaction.

Online transcribing services are far more prevalent, but although you may be tempted to compare prices, it’s also crucial to consider mistake rates. There is no use in paying for a transcription service if the final product is so rife with mistakes that you have to pay extra to have it fully redone.

Cost, whether a person or machine is transcribing, and the additional integrated services are ultimately what determine which transcription service is best for you. With the foundation established, the top transcribing services are listed below.

1. Rev

For all kinds of audio and video files, Rev offers a variety of transcription services, such as captions, subtitles, and translations.Simple transcriptions have a very high accuracy rate of over 99% and may be finished in a few hours. The FCC, ADA, and Section 508 compliant captions and subtitles for videos are also offered as a service.

In addition, Rev offers a service for video subtitles in various languages, which is a function that other sites often do not directly supply.Rev distinguishes itself by striking one of the finest balances between transcribing speed and mistake rate. It isn’t blindingly fast, but it is quite quick. However, its low mistake rate is where it truly shines.


Both human and automatic transcribing services are provided by Scribie. The manual transcribing solution provides speaker tracking, 99% accuracy, and a 36-hour turnaround.These costs are for American speakers with clean files; there is an extra fee for speakers with accents, loud backgrounds, or files with low audio quality.

The content in a Word file is simply returned within the anticipated time frame when the user uploads their file, selects their plan, and pays the charge. Also available is complete secrecy.

There is also an automated service that is free for transcription projects that are less delicate and do not need such a high degree of accuracy. Just submit the audio file, and you’ll get accurate clear audio of American speakers in 30 minutes with an accuracy of between 80 and 95%.


Temi provides a low-cost automated speech transcription service. It says that among its 10,000+ clients, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and PBS have utilised its service.

They can quickly convert voice to text using an uploaded audio or video clip using their “advanced speech recognition software” in under 5 minutes. The stated accuracy is 90–95% with unobstructed speakers, few accents, and no background noise—pretty much perfect recordings. You may download text files as MS Word documents or PDFs.

This is the best option for customers with less frequent transcribing needs since there are no minimums, memberships, or extra monthly expenses.


Here, TranscribeMe continues the trend by attempting to strike a compromise between rapid transcribing speed, accuracy, and affordability.

Although it may sometimes have a somewhat greater mistake rate than Rev and is slower in transcribing, it is substantially less expensive.

Therefore, TranscribeMe could be one of the best alternatives if cost is a vital factor in your budgeting without compromising quality.

5.Transcription Panda

With pricing that begins at the same price for a rough draught and a mistake rate that is comparable to TranscribeMe, Transcribing Panda pitches itself quite similarly to that service, however it performs significantly better in our tests regarding transcription speed.

The turnaround time, however, varies depending on the price paid; the lower rate offers a turnaround of 5 days, while the higher rate charges more for a final draught transcription that is sent in 24 hours.

So, just as with other transcription services, it’s vital to decide which factor—price or turnaround time—is more crucial. If you don’t mind waiting up to five days, Transcription Panda is a service to think about.


GoTranscript is a British enterprise that strives to provide the accuracy that corporate clients want while maintaining affordable price.

One of the main benefits of using GoTranscript is that it can manage more difficult projects, especially technical, scientific, or other STEM academic assignments where word correctness might suffer significantly if the service isn’t equipped to handle them.

GoTranscript also has a higher than average turnaround time, with its quickest service providing a response in as little as 6 to 12 hours, which is quicker than many other businesses.The only catch is that, unless you’re headquartered in Britain, the time difference may negate the quicker turnaround, meaning that projects may still arrive after business hours.

7.GMR Transcription

A variety of different transcribing services are available from GMR Transcription. They provide Spanish transcriptions in addition to the standard service, which also involves automation and human inspection. Text-to-text transcription, which turns paper documents into electronic ones, is another intriguing service.

Although turnaround might be at the low end of the service spectrum, cost is often at the higher end. Therefore, anticipate the process to take weeks rather than days for basic transcribing at the discount business cost, however a speedier same-day service is offered.Also keep in mind that prices will rise based on the level of the audio sample and the quantity of speakers.

GMR Transcription makes a big deal out of the fact that it is fully located in the US and even lists eight justifications for doing so on its website. These justifications may similarly persuade prospective clients from outside the US not to utilise them.

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