Where is Isabella Guzman, The Woman who Stabbed her mother?

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Colorado is Isabella Guzman’s home state. She was imprisoned in 2013 for 150 times stabbing her mother. She had just turned 18 at the time. Recently, her TikTok video became viral and attracted a lot of attention. Some even held the opinion that she was innocent and deserved to be given justice. She gained a lot of admirers for her “aesthetic face” and “beautiful appearance.”

Why Did Isabella Stab Her Mother?

For reportedly stabbing her mother 79 times, Isabella initially made headlines. But, a more thorough examination revealed that the sufferer had more than 151 injuries all in all. Investigators discovered that Isabella was different from other kids her age. She didn’t ever want to play, smile, or be with her family.

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She was discovered to have always despised and loathed her mother. Many of the things Isabella sought as a child were out of reach for her parents due to their financial situation. The family would argue as a result of this. Yet, Isabella’s parents believed that as she got older, she would be more sympathetic to their financial situation.

Once her father departed, Isabella moved in with her mother. When her mother began dating Richard, things deteriorated quickly. Further tension and arguments resulted from Isabella’s dislike of her father being replaced once she noticed it. Isabella threatened her mother, saying she would “make her pay” for how “she had been abused,” it was discovered.

Since they were concerned that Isabella might carry out the threats, her mother and boyfriend even told the police about the threats.

One evening after a disagreement, her father made an effort to persuade Isabella. Richard overheard Isabella’s mother screaming that day from the upstairs restroom. It was locked from the inside as he hurried to assist her. He heard Isabella repeatedly stab his boyfriend while he was still standing there.

Isabella allegedly stabbed her mother in the face, neck, and chest, according to the authorities. Isabella disappeared from the crime site, but undercover police detectives quickly found her.

Who is Isabella Guzman?

American citizen Isabella was born in June 1995. She is a woman of mixed ethnicity and has Spanish ancestry. Her biological father is Ryan Hoy, and her mother is Yun Mi Hoy and Robert Guzman.

Her alleged harsh background included frequent sexual assault by family members. When she decided to quit Jehovah’s Witnesses, she also enraged her family members.

What happened to Isabella Guzman?

When she was a small child, Isabella Guzman’s family had always been struggling to make ends meet. Her parents and she would frequently argue over this. As she got older, her parents hoped she would comprehend why they struggled with money.

Following her terrible crime that went viral on TikTok on August 28th, 2013, Isabella became a social media star. At their Aurora home, she violently stabbed her mother 48 times in the neck and 31 times in the face until she was dead. Before the event, Isabella and her mother had already gotten into a fight.

Isabella Suffered from Schizophrenia

Isabella claimed to have internal voices that directed her actions to the detectives. One of the most obvious signs of schizophrenia is frequently this. She said that the voices instructed her to kill her mother to rescue the planet.

She has schizophrenia, according to a doctor’s testimony before Arapahoe County Court. She had been battling with severe Schizophrenic ideas for a long time, according to the doctor. She was declared not guilty due to insanity based on the testimony. She was admitted to Pueblo’s Mental Health Institute when she was 18 years old.

Is Isabella Fit to Be Free Now?

Since 2020, Isabella has wanted to escape the mental health facility where she has spent more than seven years and re-enter society. Isabella stated, “I was not myself when I did it, and I have since been restored to full health,” in an interview with CBS4 that was done over a computer camera inside the facility.

Is Isabella Fit To Be Free Now

She discussed her history and her family during the conversation. For many years, she said, her relatives had assaulted her at home. My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and when I abandoned the faith at the age of 14, the abuse at home got worse.

She expressed regret over the events that had occurred, saying, “If I could reverse everything or turn back time, I would.” When that happened, Isabella said she wasn’t herself, but thereafter, her health fully recovered.

Why Did Isabella’s Video Go Viral Now?

On Instagram, there is a fad where videos of teenage suspects in crimes and murder are played over popular music, enticing people with their tales. One of these users uploaded this footage of Isabella walking into the courtroom, sitting down, and smiling and frowning at the camera.

This video gained millions of views after becoming viral. But, similar films of accused criminals have gone popular before. One such video of a “handsome” 21-year-old who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for crashing his Ford Mustang into a woman and child while driving too fast went viral. Mother and daughter both passed away.

Herrin, the little youngster, was reportedly racing his pal while traveling at a speed of more than 100 mph. The victim’s family requested a heavier sentence, but the court agreed to 24 years in prison instead. Also, the expression on Herrin’s face when she heard the verdict quickly became popular on social media, notably Tiktok.

Why Did Isabella’s Video Go Viral Now

All of these videos have one thing in common: the criminal or offender has attractive looks and an aura of mystery about them, which piques everyone’s curiosity, especially Gen Z youth. Although this type of attention can have a detrimental effect on people, it also has advantages.

Isabella Guzman’s story of murder

Because a murder narrative between a daughter and her mother is uncommon, Isabella’s tale is devastating. In their home in Aurora, Colorado, on August 28, 2013, 18-year-old Isabella stabbed her mother 48 times in the neck and 31 times in the face. Yun-Mi died as a result of the wounds she suffered.

After the crime, the murderer fled but was apprehended the day her stepfather called the police. Guzman was 18 years old when she was prosecuted as an adult for killing her mother in the first degree. This made her eligible for punishment.

The stepdad claims that Isabella has been rebellious and often at odds with her mother since she was a little girl. As a consequence, when she was seven years old, she was taken to live with her father and then sent back.

Guzman has a nice demeanor but may become furious and shut herself in a room, albeit not to the point of being violent, according to her aunt. Before the murder, Yun-Mi Hoy began to worry about her daughter as she began to pose a threat to her. According to reports, she wrote her mother a note with the words “you will pay,” which led the mother to inform her father, who spoke with her that same day.

A few hours before the murder, Mrs. Hoy also told the police that she was in danger of losing her life. But sadly, Isabella was never swayed from her course of action, and she went on to murder her mother in the bathtub.

Woman Freed After 10 Years In Prison Over Miscarriage

Recently, a woman’s tale of being imprisoned for supposedly having an abortion became viral on social media. Elsy, a 28-year-old mother, and housekeeper lost a pregnancy, but rather than receiving assistance, she was imprisoned on suspicion of having an abortion. She received a sentence for serious murder. El Salvador freed Elsy and three other women who had been imprisoned for comparable offenses following the recent outrage.

While watching such films and attempting to decipher the characters’ actions and intentions might be entertaining, it’s important to keep in mind that these are actual people. With the use of social media, we can now connect with people and learn about previously impossible topics.

While we must avoid becoming engrossed in it, it is encouraging to see social media being utilized for good. Yet, it’s crucial to keep in mind that just because someone seems too sweet and innocent, it doesn’t always indicate they aren’t capable of doing horrific atrocities.

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