Who is Benjamin Keough? Everything About Elvis Presley’s Grandson

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The iconic American singer and actor Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough died in 2020 after committing himself at 27.

Benjamin, who was well-liked by music enthusiasts due to his resemblance to the late artist Elvis Presley, surprised the world by choosing this drastic action to terminate his life.

In our piece today, we’ll go through all the significant occasions that surrounded his life. Navigate down!

Benjamin Keough Story: All that you need to know

Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley’s kid was named Benjamin. Riley Keough, an American actor, and the director is the former couple’s daughter.

Benjamin Keough Story All that you need to know

After divorcing her husband, Lisa married music sensation Michael Jackson in 1994. Yet after less than a year of marriage, they divorced. Her third marriage, which lasted just a few months, was to actor Nicolas Cage.

Michael Lockwood, a guitarist, and Lisa were wed in 2006. Harper and Finley, her twin kids, are his. Lisa divorced Lockwood in 2016, and the divorce was finally formalized in 2021.

The Legacy and Pressure of being Elvis Presley’s Grandson

Being the grandson of Elvis Presley, known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” Benjamin Keough was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and grew up in prosperity and luxury. They believed that he was destined for stardom in general.

Yet, he felt a great deal of pressure to live up to the standards established by his extraordinarily successful grandpa to surpass them.

He later fell into severe depression as a result of this, which finally caused his death at the young age of 27.

The Legacy and Pressure of being Elvis Presley’s Grandson

Lisa Marie Presley said on Instagram, “My lovely precious angel,” expressing the anguish she felt after losing her baby. On this planet as much as in Heaven, I revered the ground you trod on. My entire being left with you. Without you, I experience stifling, unfathomable agony every second of every day. Never again will I be the same.

Please wait for me, my darling, and hold my hand as I stay to continue looking out for Riley and raising your young sisters. You would desire it, I’m sure. Cheers to your birthday, my darling, sweet boy. You were far too noble to live on this planet.

Benjamin Keough’s Early Life

In Tampa, Florida, Benjamin Storm Presley Keough was born in 1992. Unlike his grandpa, who was born into an impoverished family, he was raised in a wealthy household.

Benjamin Keough’s Early Life

The only inheritor of Elvis Presley’s $100 million inheritance following his passing was his mother, who was Elvis Presley’s only child. His father, Danny Keough, had a successful career as well as performing on tour with jazz great Chick Corea.

Up until their wedding in October 1988, his parents’ relationship was maintained a closely-guarded secret. Danielle Riley Keough, the couple’s first child, was born in 1989. The second child of the marriage is Benjamin.

In an interview, Lisa commented on Benjamin’s likeness to his grandfather: “He does look so much like Elvis. He was the silent storm behind the stage at the Opry. As he arrived, everyone turned around and took a look. He was being seized by everyone for a picture since he is so strange. I get overwhelmed occasionally when I see him.

Benjamin Keough’s Tragic Demise

The suicide of Benjamin Keough occurred on July 12, 2020. In a statement issued in July 2020, Lisa Marie Presley’s agent, Roger Widynowski, said that she was “heartbroken” to learn of her son Benjamin Keough’s terrible passing.

She is utterly distraught, inconsolable, and beyond devastated, but she is attempting to maintain strength for her oldest daughter Riley and her twin children, both of whom are 11 years old. The boy had her heart. She had loved him all of her life.

The public domain contains relatively little information regarding that awful night. According to news sources, Keough passed away on Sunday, July 12, in the evening in Calabasas, California, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Financial Hardships

Benjamin Keough experienced some severe financial troubles in his later years and witnessed his mother suffering through them. As he was unable to aid his mother, he felt helpless.

In 2018, Lisa Marie Presley filed a lawsuit against her financial advisor after he stole money from the multimillion-dollar Elvis Presley trust, leaving her with only $14,000 and a hefty debt.

To assist her daughter, and pay off debts, Priscilla Presley, Benjamin’s grandmother was forced to sell her Beverly Hills mansion for an $8 million profit.

Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

Although his mother was on the verge of going through her fourth divorce, Benjamin Keough was battling drug and alcohol addiction. He frequently used to attribute his upbringing and other problems to the Church of Scientology. The divisive church, he said, “messes you up.”

He was admitted to treatment, but the outcomes were not what was expected. Keough killed himself that fateful day while attending a combined party with his fiancée Diana Pinto and his brother-in-law Ben Smith-Peterson. His neighbors said that they heard a “don’t do it” shout before they heard a shotgun discharge.

In their first report, police officers claimed that Keough was shot in the chest, but they subsequently acknowledged that he died after putting a shotgun in his mouth and pressing the trigger.

It was noted in his autopsy report that he had used cocaine and alcohol before passing away. Also, they believed he had already attempted suicide.

Family and friends remembered Benjamin after his death

Riley, his lone sibling, and most well-known sibling paid homage to him on social media and posted a photo with the caption, “Too delicate for this harsh world.”

Family and friends remembered Benjamin after his death

The tragedy was described as “breaking news but it also isn’t a great surprise since he had been suffering” by one of Keough’s pals.

One of his friends commented, “The sad fact is she lives her life these days in a dark, unpleasant fog,” while describing his mother’s situation. Things will become considerably worse as a result of Benjamin’s passing, whom she cherished.

Keough was interred near his illustrious grandpa in the Graceland Meditation Garden.

After her son died suddenly, Lisa was left in a complete state of disarray. She is currently raising her other three children while leading a life hidden from the spotlight.

The horrible night and the incidents that led to Benjamin taking such a drastic move, however, are nearly difficult to forget.

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