Who Was Jake Paul’s Bodyguard Shadow? Shamir Bolivar Honored By A Youtuber

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As Jake and Ben started fighting, the crowd was ecstatic. A few days before the bout, on April 9, Jake posted on Twitter, “This battle is for shadow.” The YouTuber decided to fight in memory of his former security guard. At the same time, Jake said that boxing had harmed his brain.

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Who Was Shadow A.K.A Shamir Bolivar?

Shamir, also known as Shadow, served as the CEO of Shadow Group Security. On April 9, AlphaLion Professional Security Services announced his passing to the public.

In a statement, they said: “We at AlphaLion must bid farewell to a friend, brother, mentor, and all-around fantastic person: Shamir Bolivar @the shadow group. We do so with a sad heart and our sincere sympathies.

Many people who wish to join the Shadows’ elite and watch over those under our care have found inspiration in you.

We pray for peace for you, your wife, your kids, and the rest of your family as you travel to your final resting place and watch over them from the shadows forever. Your ideas and spirit will always be alive in our thoughts and deeds!

Shadow had served as a bodyguard for several well-known individuals, including Jake, 6ix9ine, and others. Before beginning his own company in 2017, he worked as a police officer for 14 years at the West Palm Beach Police Department.

What happened to Jake Paul’s bodyguard? Paul on getting emotional after Askren KO

Paul reported that after the fight, he became upset because of all that he had been through recently. “I’ve had to keep going despite a lot of difficult stuff. Allegations. Death. The list is endless,” Paul continued. Justine Paradise, a fellow social media celebrity, accused Jake of sexual assault earlier this month, alleging that the influencer forced her to have oral sex with him in 2019. Yet as Paul was coping with the accusations, he received more depressing news, which “broke” his heart.

What happened to Jake Paul’s bodyguard?

According to rumors, Shamir Bolivar, also known as Shadow, was the CEO of The Shadow Group Security and worked as a celebrity security guard. Bolivar had a tight working relationship with rapper 6ix9ine, Paul, and many others during the course of his 14 years with the business. His colleague security company, Alphalion Professional Security Services, was the first to post on Facebook that he had passed away.

Jake Paul and Shadow’s Relationship Explored

Jake Paul and Shadow’s Relationship Explored

When Jake learned that Shadow had passed away, he posted an homage to him on YouTube. Shadow had served as his security guard in the past. In his Instagram stories, he posted a photo of Shadow with three sad heart emojis.

He also decided that he would battle Ben for Shadow. In another letter, Jake discussed Shadow’s passing and wrote, “I still can’t believe you’re gone… I don’t know what’s going on, and this simply doesn’t seem genuine to me.

He continued, “My heart hurts so badly… I hope to discover it was all a dream when I awaken. You were always there for me and had a kind heart. They will never forget everything that you did for those close to you. You took care of your family and children.

I don’t know what to say, he added. I’m confident that everyone will do their best effort to continue what you’ve started. This conflict is for the Shadow Group, my brother. Knowing that you’ll be in the ring keeping an eye on me while I’m still in the battle. You recently expressed pride in me and my attitude to me after our argument.

You stated I was like a warrior you’d like to battle with…,” he concluded the message. It probably implies we’ll fight in 9 days together. legend, rest in paradise.

Who Was Shadow, Jake Paul’s Bodyguard? After Paul Bolivar Died

Shamir Bolivar, alias “The Shadow,” was Paul’s closest buddy and personal security partner. He died a few days ago, at the age of 46. After learning of Shadow Bolivar’s passing, Jake Paul sent a moving letter on Instagram, promising that he and his team will “do our part” to uphold his legacy. “My heart aches so badly… When I wake up, I want to be told that this was a nightmare. You were always there for me and had such a beautiful soul, Paul stated.

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