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Are you looking for software that can shorten the IP addresses associated with Xbox and PlayStation gamer tags and usernames from Microsoft and Sony? Thus, you are in the proper location.

Here, we looked at the “xResolver” platform/website, which lets you convert gamer tags and usernames into a clear IP format. Let’s examine “xResolver” now, shall we?

Describe xResolver.

Xresolver is an official website that shortens the IP addresses associated with PlayStation and Xbox Gamertags and usernames.

A useful website called Xresolver was created specifically to translate gamer tags, domain names, and usernames into IP format.

How to use the Xresolver?

The user-friendly design of Xresolver makes it straightforward and simple to use. In order to utilise Xresolver without any problems, you must follow the instructions listed below if you are having any problems.

  • launch the official website at xresolver.com
  • Click on PlayStation or Xbox Resolver (Choose an appropriate option)
  • Enter the IP address to make it an Xbox gamer tag, or enter the IP address to make it an Xbox gamer tag.
  • Next, select “Resolve.”

Now that you’ve completed it, you may use the same technique to resolve IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags or PlayStation gamer tags to IP addresses.

Undoubtedly, the gamer tag will be converted to IP format when you submit it to resolve. The PlayStation is the same; input your PSN login to find out how to convert it to IP format.

How Do I Remove and Blacklist Myself?

We explained how to conceal your gamer tag or IP addresses above. Your gamer tags, usernames, and IP addresses will be removed from databases when you blacklist yourself from the resolver, making it impossible for anybody to discover your IP addresses.

This technique can defend Microsoft and Sony’s services against assaults by hackers or other parties. When you backlist your IPs, you must also do the following steps:

To conceal your precise IP address, you must utilise a VPN.

To change your IP address, you must speak with your ISP.

To prevent your IP address from being included to their database, make sure not to participate in random gatherings and stay away from shady characters.

How can I register with Xresolver and gain full access?

It is simple to register or join up, and no other information is required. To fully access and utilise the Xresolver, simply adhere to the instructions listed below:

  • Visit the official website at https://xresolver.com.
  • Locate and click the “Register” button.
  • Register by completing the form.
  • Fill in your “Username” and “Email address.”

Click the Register button after entering your “Password” and “Password confirmation.”

Now that you’ve completed it, you can sign in by clicking the “sign-in” option if you already have an active account.

Features/Benefits of xResolver MISC Tools

Additionally, the Xresolver tool includes the following characteristics and advantages. You can use them and locate them on an official website:

IP log-keeper

In order to collect people’s IP addresses, Xresolver offers a sophisticated IP logger tool that allows you to make personalised links and deliver them to them.

Full IP Address with Reliable Geo IP Data

Operating System for the Browser Detects Incognito/Private Mode (Coming Soon).

FREE Limitations

Make a page with no more than 10 results. The oldest result will ultimately be removed.

Ability to display System OS, Country, City, ISP, and Browser.

Premium Caps

Make ten pages, each with one hundred results.

Viewing IPv4/IPv6, Country, City, ISP, Browser, and System OS.

PSN Username:

If the PlayStation Network username is accessible, the PSN username utility will verify it. The procedure of registering can then begin.

After entering your PlayStation Network account, select “Resolve.”

Storage through IP

You may save and categorise the IPs you wish to save using an IP storage tool. You may save up to 100 IPs with the IP storage function; just make sure your account is current. All of your data will be automatically deleted from your account after three months of inactivity.

Free Account: 25 IP Addresses can be saved.

Unlimited Storage with a Premium Account.

What’s my IP?

Additionally, Xresolver offers a free IP check tool that allows you to quickly and simply discover your current IP address. You may find out your public IP address with this tool.

Lookup a phone:

The phone lookup tool is a fantastic function that allows you to display information about your phone number, including the nation, location, carrier, and line type, wherever you enter it. Make sure to include the country code when entering the phone number.

Scan Nmap Port:

You can safely access the host of your choice from our servers using the NMAP Post scan tool. Your IP would be made public to the host while doing port scans.

About Xresolver

The xResolver website, which works for “Xbox” and “PlayStation,” was developed in 2017. Other capabilities of xResolver include IP Logger, PSN Username, IP Storage, IP Checker, Phone Lookup, and Nmap Port Scan in addition to the ability to modify Xbox or PlayStation usernames or gamer tags.

The most recent data collection shows that the xResolver has:

Users online: 241,586

Users online: 1,168

24,735,431 records are available.

Disclaimer: The sole intent of this work is educational.

Related xResolver FAQs

Describe xResolver.

A useful website called Xresolver is made to convert the Gamertags and usernames of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox into IP addresses.

Who Created xResolver?

The domain name xResolver, which is over two years old and was just renewed, is registered with Tucows Domains Inc. and will expire in 2023 after one year. Additionally, the Octosniff team is also the creator of the xresolver project.

Is Xresolver prohibited?

Because this is not secret, with the necessary tools, your IP address may be quickly discovered. But xResolver may be used to mask it. So, based on our gaming expertise, we can make that claim.

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