You may still get COVID even if you’re vaccinated; watch out for these 5 symptoms

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In order to dispel the idea that those who have already been exposed to the coronavirus are immune to future infections, a recent study listed five typical symptoms noticed in individuals who have received the coronavirus vaccination.

According to the UK’s ZOE COVID, the immunised individuals should be on the alert for these five symptoms.

Chronic Cough

A recent, persistent cough is typical with COVID. If one coughs for a long time, they could feel tired. They could then become too exhausted to do even the most elementary daily tasks.

Herbal remedies can be used to treat chronic coughs at home. Before a coughing attack begins, try drinking some ginger tea to relieve the pain.

Runny nose

The study found that a runny nose is a frequent symptom. This typical symptom was observed in earlier COVID waves as well. Many people still get runny noses since it is a respiratory illness even after receiving the necessary vaccinations.

The viral infection causes watery nasal discharge, which is apparent all day. Only a tiny portion of individuals with runny noses also have obstructed nasal passages. Steaming may occasionally be calming.

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Nose blockage

When the nose is obstructed, breathing is difficult. You scream for breath even if you are seated. Sleeping gets challenging when a person can’t breathe normally when they’re trying to sleep due to a blocked nose.

To keep the nasal passages clear of infections, it is advisable to breathe in steam rather than utilising nasal sprays, which might only offer momentary comfort.


Along with a sore throat, a cough, and a blocked nose, a headache is also noticeable. Simple actions like breathing might become quite difficult, which could have a big effect on your psyche. The infection may also cause pains and headaches.

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Throat pain

This symptom began to emerge as one of the most common during the early phases of the Omicron driven COVID wave. Sore throats were the most prevalent COVID symptoms among individuals who had received immunizations, according to the ZOE COVID research.

Having a constant burning sensation in the throat, having trouble swallowing, and having trouble speaking are all signs of this condition.

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