10 Ways for using air conditioners while reducing electricity

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Written By Albert Roy

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Hot weather makes your need to use air conditioners increase, along with electricity bills. Please refer to the following 10 effective ways to save electricity to use the air conditioner economically and effectively.

1. Choose an air conditioner with the right capacity

You need to calculate the capacity of the air conditioner in accordance with the area of ​​the room to choose an air conditioner that is capable of cooling and saving energy during use. Too much capacity will result in waste, while not enough will ensure cooling capacity. Air conditioners with appropriate capacity also help the machine operate stably and sustainably over time.

2. Determine a location for the air conditioner

If possible, install the indoor unit of the air conditioner in the middle of the room to ensure that the cold air is evenly distributed throughout the room. Installation should be avoided near areas that are prone to cold air loss, such as near doors, windows, or room corners.

The outdoor unit should be covered, placed in a shady place, away from direct sunlight. The distance between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is at least 3 meters and a maximum of 15 meters for the smooth flow of gas.

3. Make sure the air conditioning opening area is closed.

When using the air conditioner, please close the windows and doors so that there is no loss of cold air, otherwise, the machine will have to work harder to maintain it. maintain the set temperature. If your windows are in the direction of the sun, add curtains to limit the temperature in the room.

4. Install the extractor properly

If you have an exhaust fan installed in your room to enhance air exchange, remember to place the fan in an elevated position and not near the indoor unit to ensure that the fan does not suck the cold air out. In addition, the machine must increase the capacity, which consumes more electricity because the cold air always sinks below. The best position to place the exhaust fan is overhead and opposite the indoor unit.

5. Maintaining and cleaning air conditioners on a regular basis

Operating for a long time will save a lot of dirt and parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Regular cleaning and maintenance help your air conditioner cool quickly, operate stably, sustainably, and save electricity. Maintaining and cleaning air conditioners on a regular basis

6. Do not turn on and off the air conditioner continuously

Don’t turn the air conditioner on and you should not turn off the machine when it feels cold enough and turn it back on when it feels hot again because this will cause the machine to restart with a large capacity and cool from the beginning, making the machine consume more power and easy to reduce life span.

Most air conditioners will operate at low power when the room has reached the set temperature, so you don’t need to worry too much. If you find it too cold, increase the temperature instead of turning off the machine and turning it back on again.

7. Turn off the air conditioner before going out 30 minutes and

You should feel well after 30 minutes, and the room’s temperature hasn’t significantly changed. Therefore, if there is no need to use it, prepare to go out, and turn off the air conditioner for about 30 minutes before going to make the most of the remaining cold air in the room.

8. Setting the appropriate air conditioner temperature

24 to 28 degrees Celsius is the appropriate temperature range for the air conditioner to work stably, the body feels comfortable and does not differ too much from the outdoor temperature in Vietnam. You should set the air conditioner at a cool enough level, not too cold because it will affect your health and make the machine consume more power.

9. Use sleep mode or timer to shut down overnight

Most new-generation air conditioners are equipped with a sleep mode that automatically adjusts the appropriate temperature during the night when the outdoor temperature drops, ensuring Users can sleep comfortably and comfortably.

If your air conditioner does not have this feature, calculate and schedule it to turn off at night to bring comfort in sleep and also help save electricity effectively.

10. Use energy-saving air conditioners

Using energy-saving air conditioners is one of the ways to make your energy savings more efficient than ever.

The electricity usage time of the air conditioner is quite a lot, so if the air conditioner is in the energy-saving type, it will help limit power consumption thereby reducing the cost of electricity consumption. Alternatively, to double the savings, you can buy the best quality air conditioner with a 20% off $100 Target coupon code on FindCouponHere.net. There are many special discounts for you if you search on major websites that offer discount codes such as CouponPlay.com or FindCouponHere.net.

With this air conditioner, when the cooling capacity is just enough, the compressor will slow down, both limiting energy waste and helping to maintain a more stable temperature.

If you have a need to use the air conditioner a lot and have conditions, choose to buy an energy-saving air conditioner to save on operating costs in the future. Read more articles on tech95zone

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