The best iPad Pro games for 2022

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The iPad Pro provides a greater balance of flexibility and power than even the top gaming platforms.

Along with the enormous selection of games (many of which can be downloaded in a matter of minutes), you also get a large, gorgeous screen, amazing touch controls, and the flexibility to play anywhere, at any time.

The finest iPad Pro games take full use of all these benefits, enabling users to experience fantastic games on the move, often at a fraction of the cost of comparable console and PC games.

One drawback to the almost infinite selection of games is that it might be difficult to go through all the clutter and locate the gems.

If you’re gaming on an iPad Pro, you should look at visually stunning games that make the most of your screen’s space and its Retina display.

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re seeking for recommendations; included below are our top selections for the finest iPad Pro games. Check out some of our top iPhone games as well.

Genshin Impact

I would be negligent if I failed to mention one of the most popular games available.

Genshin Impact is a breathtaking open-world role-playing game in which you take on the role of an interplanetary traveller who, along with their twin, has been imprisoned on the planet Teyvat.

There are both gods and monsters in this universe. To explore the realm, fend off enemies, and unravel the secrets of Teyvat’s past, players assemble teams of four heroes that are associated with one of the four elements.

The size of the game is what makes Genshin Impact so great. It not only has a vast and open world to explore, but the developers have also been extensively supporting it with regular updates.

There are now more than 150 hours of playtime available, and there will be more in the future.

It’s also accessible on Android, PC, and PlayStation. It supports cross-platform play and has great multiplayer features, including regular events that provide players who have finished the various missions even additional action.

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt has been available for iOS for some time, and although it can be played on the iPhone, the iPad has always provided a superior gaming experience.

Now, the iPad Pro’s huge screen goes much farther, especially considering that the game’s control scheme revolves on pinching, zooming, and rotating very intricate 3D structures.

Building enormous metropolises should be fun for SimCity series fans, and the game keeps things interesting by adding new necessities, including fire stations, police stations, and municipal utility services, without which your town has little chance of surviving.

The visuals are outstanding and include many thoughtful details that will astound and awe you. But be careful—there are also many of in-app purchases.

Hitman Go ($5)

Making a mobile game for a popular AAA property would seem like a money grab (cough, Final Fantasy), but Hitman Go pulls it off because it maintains the game’s essential gameplay mechanics.

Hitman Go reduces the action-heavy gameplay, elaborate set pieces, and complicated storyline that have afflicted certain previous Hitman games to that of a simple board game.

As you attempt to slip past guards and murder your target, you take one turn at a time, much as in a board game. Hitman Go looks fantastic despite taking a simple approach, and it immerses you like a high-end Hitman game would.

Because you have to learn from your errors, there is a lot of repeating the same level again in this game, which is comparable to indie classic Hotline Miami.

Some people may not find it enjoyable, but if you accomplish it is certainly satisfying to watch your efforts pay off.

PUBG Mobile

Ready for some shooting mayhem on your iPad Pro? Parachute onto a remote island and duke it out with 99 other players to see who can survive this Battle Royale and secure ultimate bragging rights.

There is plenty of loot to scavenge, boatloads of weaponry, and vehicles galore. Get tooled up, hunt your enemies mercilessly, and try not to get killed.

The controls take some getting used to and there are some simplifications to make it playable on a tablet or phone, but make no mistake, this is PUBG all the way.

The iPad Pro makes the most of the visuals and sound, with the extra screen real estate boosting your chances of picking out enemies in the landscape and putting them down.

Star Traders: Frontiers ($7)

Create a crew, assume the role of a starship captain, and forge a course across a war-torn galaxy full with opportunity and danger.

There are 26 possible professions in this epic space RPG, so you may play as a pirate, trader, explorer, smuggler, or something else different.

With over 350 upgrades to pick from, you may totally personalise your ship and crew; but, as you go through the game, your choices will affect how they are.

There are a variety of tales waiting to be discovered in the open world. Will you support a certain group or go your own way? This is a sci-fi game with a lot of depth and is really addicting.

Civilization VI ($10)

Who would have thought that the grandfather of sophisticated turn-based strategy would ever be available on a mobile platform?

But here it is in all of its intricate beauty. The goal of the game is to guide your young civilisation from a little hamlet to a world power.

Civilization VI offers it all: exploration, city-building, research, commerce, religion, and war. Although there is no online multiplayer option, it is impressive that the most of the features seen in the original PC version are intact and functioning well in this rendition.

We highly urge you to take advantage of the free 60-turn trial period to give it a try, especially if you are unfamiliar with the brand.

It’s possible that you may object to the whole $10 price tag, but it is not overstated to say that this game will ferociously eat hundreds of hours of your time.


Oxenfree is a game for fans of a good supernatural mystery and is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Android.

The sequel, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, will be released in 2019. Every choice you make and interaction you have with other players in the game affects how you and your friends live.

The atmosphere has a hint of Stranger Things from the 1980s, there is a menacing synth-pop music, and the graphics are stunning.

You take on the role of Alex, a disobedient adolescent who is going to an overnight party on a spooky ancient island with her stepbrother Jonas.

You and your companions unintentionally unlock a spectral portal, unleashing sinister creatures and starting an odd chain of events that changes the course of the night.

If using a controller is more your style, you may also play in touchscreen mode. On the iPad’s huge screen, the game looks fantastic, and you’ll probably find yourself listening to the music on Spotify for a while after the credits have finished.

The Oregon Trail

Although the first release of Apple Arcade may have been a little lacking, the company is progressively adding a number of fantastic titles to its library.

The Oregon Trail is a version of the vintage instructional game that mostly keeps the same essential concepts while modernising it to make it more engaging and up to date.

The game’s beautiful and unusual visual style adds to the excitement of playing as you go on risky expeditions throughout the American West.

There are also a tonne of mini-games and other activities to keep gamers interested. It’s a joy for older children learning about the series for the first time as well as lovers of the original.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends helped esports gain popularity and popularised the MOBA genre on PC. In Wild Rift, a version of the game designed just for mobile devices, gamers may now play as their favourite champions.

Wild Rift is mostly the same game that fans know and love, despite the fact that many of the controls have been simplified for touch controllers.

Players may engage in ranked matches to test their talents against other top players and acquire new champions.

Like the PC version, the game is free to play. It’s not a pay-to-win game, but players may make in-app payments to unlock champions more quickly and obtain exclusive skins.

Whether you are an experienced League player or are just starting out, Wild Rift is fun and is much better on the iPad Pro.

Magic the Gathering: Arena

Magic the Gathering: Arena players have been eagerly awaiting the game’s mobile release for some time, albeit iOS and Mac users had to wait longer than their Windows and Android counterparts.

But it is finally here, and the wait was well worth it.

Arena is a popular strategic collectable trading card game on mobile devices. The game has engaging animations as well as extensive and detailed instructions.

These lessons go through the fundamentals of the game as well as how to utilise the many deck colours available to players.

Because of this, the Arena is a perfect area for new players to start.

When you add it to digital card packs that correspond to the physical releases and a vibrant online community, Arena is setting itself up to be a game that players play for a very long time.

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