4 Best Apple IPads for PUBG Mobile in 2022

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Do you play PUBG Mobile? What kind of equipment do you have? Which smartphone performs better in PUBG Mobile, do you know? We covered the top 4 Apple iPads for PUBG Mobile in this post.

You can use the iMessage app on all of the iPads mentioned below in addition to playing PUBG on them. Make sure you are logging into all of your devices with the same Apple ID.

You are aware that Apple gadgets are the origin of all devices; other products made by the same firm cannot be compared to Apple. As a result, we believe that only Apple-branded gadgets should be compared. Additionally, some Android devices work best with PUBG Mobile. Here are the top Android gadgets for PUBG.

Top 4 Apple IPads for PUBG Mobile in 2022

Apple iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 11, and iPad Pro 2020

IPad Pro 11 from Apple (3rd Generation)

The 11-inch iPad Pro (2021) is a great size for reading, viewing, and performing because it is far lighter and more portable than its larger sister. It now features an M1 processor inside with at least 8GB of RAM and can be upgraded to 2TB of storage.

IPad pro-2020

It is as quick as any exit thanks to the M1 processor. The display on the 12.9-inch model has Liquid Retina XDR. They now include USB4 and Thunderbolt connectivity, as well as a 12MP ultra-wide front camera with support for 5G. Specs of the iPad Pro are comparable.


Android operating system

  • 12.9-inch liquid retina display (2732 x 2048)
  • A12Z Bionic CPU
  • 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB of storage
  • Rear camera: LiDAR Scanner, 12MP Wide, and 10MP Ultra Wide
  • 7MP TrueDepth camera on the front
  • Size: 1.41 lbs (641g).

iPhone 6s

The “iPad mini 6” will upgrade the March 2019-released iPad mini 5. The new mini-tablet may undergo a makeover and other significant alterations. A bigger screen, a quicker CPU, improved cameras, and other improvements may be included of the upcoming generation.

IPad Mini 5

In March 2019, Apple revealed the Apple iPad Mini 5, the fifth iteration of the iPad Mini. The firm delivers visuals that are nine times better and three times quicker than ever before.

The tablet is powered by a dual 2.5 GHz Vortex, quad 1.59 GHz Tempest, and six CPU cores in an Apple A12 Bionic APL1W81 processor.

The Wi-Fi form of the tablet costs $399, while the Wi-Fi mobile model costs $529. The Apple iPad mini 5 bundle comes with 64GB and 256GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM.


iOS as an operating system

  • 7.9-inch Retina (2048 x 1536) display
  • Hexa-core CPU
  • 64 GB or 256 GB of storage
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs. Rear camera: 8 MP; front camera: 7 MP (300.5g).


I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about the top 4 Apple products. These products, I assure you, perform incredibly well in PUBG Mobile. I thus use an Apple IPad Mini 5 (5th Generation), which performs better for me in PUBG Mobile. They don’t lag; nonetheless, the majority of gadgets slow while landing in crowded areas. You should only get an Apple smartphone if you want to play PUBG Mobile, in my opinion.

FAQs about iPads for PUBG Mobile

Which iPad is best for PUBG Mobile in the 50k to 70k PKR Range?

The finest iPad for PUBG Mobile is the iPad Mini 5 5th Generation. The market offers secondhand iPad Mini 5 models for between $50,000 and $65,000. You’ll have a better PUBG Mobile experience if you use an iPad Mini 5.

For PUBG Mobile, which Apple CPU is the best?ss

The best CPU for the PUBG Mobile game, in my opinion, is the Apple A12 Bionic APL1W81 processor, which has 2x 2.5 GHz Vortex, 4x 1.59 GHz Tempest, and 6 Cores.

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