6 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies That Are Worth It

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Written By Muhammad Abdullah

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What Are Real Estate Lead Generation Companies And Services?

Discover the Truth: You are Always Investing in Your Real Estate Business

In the world of real estate, time is money. Whether you spend hours cold calling, door knocking or hosting open houses to generate leads or invest money in Facebook and Instagram ads, you always invest in your business. Even if you optimize your website for SEO, it requires an investment of time or money to hire a professional.

Real estate lead generation companies offer a convenient and consistent way for agents to receive automated buyer and seller leads within their local area for a monthly fee or service charge. Although some companies may not charge for leads upfront, they often impose a 20-30% referral fee through escrow. While this structure may not be typical, it is still worth asking. Even a powerhouse like Zillow does not typically offer this fee structure.

In addition to lead generation, some companies provide extra services such as realtor-branded landing pages, lead nurturing CRMs, and marketing services. Invest wisely in your real estate business and consider partnering with a reputable lead generation company to boost your success.

Do I Need A Lead Generation Company?

Scaling Your Real Estate Business with a Strategic Mindset

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To grow your real estate business, it’s crucial to think like an entrepreneur first and a real estate practitioner second. While a lead generation company is not a necessity, it can be an effective tool to scale up your business.

As a business owner, you must treat your profession seriously and invest money in it to see growth and success. A restaurateur invests significant amounts of money in their business before seeing a return on investment, and similarly, you should adopt the same mindset.

Investing in your real estate business early on can help you achieve success in the long run. However, it’s important to remember that investing money alone is not enough. You must also invest your time, effort, and resources into your business.

By thinking strategically and investing in your business, you can achieve success as a real estate entrepreneur. Remember, your profession is a bonafide business, and it will pay you back like one if you treat it as such.

Maximizing Your Real Estate Business with Lead Generation Companies

Investing in a good lead generation company can significantly benefit your real estate business. If you’re a new agent, it’s recommended to invest between $200-$300 a month in a reputable lead generation company to jumpstart your business.

For agents who have recently closed an escrow, it’s wise to allocate 15% of your commission towards a lead generation company for further growth. While it may be challenging to allocate funds, it’s essential to reinvest your profits to fuel your business’s success.

A lead generation company can also provide solutions for various real estate needs while freeing up time for you to focus on closing deals. For agents who lack coding skills or time to learn digital marketing and pipeline building, a reputable lead generation company is a great alternative.

In summary, investing in a good lead generation company is a smart decision for any real estate agent looking to maximize their business’s potential. It’s critical to reinvest your profits to achieve long-term success, just as you would with any other business.

Which Real Estate Lead Generation Company Is Right For Me?

real estate lead generation companies

Real estate agents have access to a plethora of lead generation companies and solutions, each with different prices and offerings. However, not all companies provide quality leads or results. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best lead generation solutions available, with the most robust features and affordable prices. Instead of sifting through hundreds of options, we’ve done the research for you to ensure that you have access to the highest quality lead generation solutions that are easy to use.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

1. Bold Leads

Looking for an easy and effective way to handle your Facebook Ads for real estate lead generation? Look no further than [company name]. Their lead-capture landing pages and funnel templates make it simple and affordable to reach potential clients without managing your personal Facebook account. You won’t even need to worry about competing agents, as [company name] guarantees to only advertise for one agent in a specific area. Their algorithm is designed to target the most likely buyers or sellers, resulting in better conversion rates than many DIY Facebook Ads. For just $599.00 per month, you can enjoy a $10.00 daily ad spend and expert management of your Facebook Ads campaign. Save yourself time and effort while generating high-quality leads with [company name].

Save yourself the time and effort of learning Facebook Ads and creating landing pages from scratch because this lead generation company has got you covered. With over 30 pre-designed landing pages to choose from, you can easily capture leads without having to spend hours on design and coding. Let them handle the technicalities while you focus on closing deals.

Deciding whether to pay for someone to run Facebook Ads for you is a personal choice. While some may find the $299.00 monthly fee worth it for quality leads, others may prefer to use that $10.00 per day on their ads. As for me, I learned the ins and outs of Facebook Ads and can advertise in any zip code I choose. No need to apologize for that!

If you’re interested in trying out their service, you can sign up directly on their website and use promo code Pargueta2019 to avoid setup fees. Alternatively, you can reach out to Dina via phone (480-401-0191) or email and let her know that Paul Argueta referred you. Feel free to chat or text me if you want to discuss their service further.

2. Zillow

Zillow, the pioneer of real estate search engines, has garnered criticism from the agent community for various reasons, including their venture into becoming an iBuyer, acquiring a Mortgage Company, and placing their listings above those fed by Real Estate Agents. Despite this, Zillow still receives massive traffic and generates countless leads. Using a concierge-style system, Zillow directly connects consumers with subscribing agents, giving agents an advantage by immediately connecting them with potential clients. However, Zillow may still provide leads to other agents without disclosing this information, so it’s essential not to assume that the lead is exclusively yours. Never make this mistake and consider Zillow as a valuable source for generating leads.

Your Zillow package comes equipped with its very own CRM, complete with email automation and home value updates. However, it’s important to note that building your entire business on a third-party platform can be risky. While it’s fine to purchase leads from Zillow, relying solely on their CRM by uploading your entire database is not recommended. If Zillow decides to discontinue its CRM, your business could suffer as a result.

3. Realtor

NAR has licensed the Realtor brand to Move, Inc., which is a subsidiary of News Corporation. Realtor.com generates leads similar to those of Zillow, but with one significant difference: it allows you to choose between private and shared leads. This means you can save up to 50% by purchasing leads that are distributed to multiple agents. However, premium private leads are exclusively sent to you.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider purchasing shared leads. As someone who used to spend hours, cold-calling expired listings and FSBOs, I learned that competing with other business agents was the norm. It’s essential to focus on connecting with your leads rather than worrying about who else is contacting them. You are in control of your success, and if you’re persistent, shared leads can be just as successful as private ones.

Maximize your lead generation efforts with Realtor.com’s Top Producer CRM that syncs seamlessly with their leads as well as other sources. Though not as modern as other CRMs like WiseAgent, Firepoint, MailChimp, and Constant Contact, Top Producer stands out with its unique feature of sending property updates of recently listed or sold properties near your prospect. Despite its clunky interface, this service’s ability to provide property updates is the primary reason why many real estate agents still use it.

4. Smart Zip

SmartZip provides real estate agents with a powerful CRM solution that uses predictive seller algorithms to identify potential sellers in specific geographic areas. While SmartZip claims that the areas selected are exclusive, there is no guarantee of this. The algorithms used by SmartZip to predict potential sellers are also questionable, as internal data available to agents provides similar insights. For example, it is common knowledge within the industry that the average time for someone to live on their property is seven years. Therefore, a more effective way to prospect potential sellers may be to request a farm package of homeowners who have lived in their homes between six and nine years.

In the realm of real estate, SmartZip’s CRM is a popular choice for agents who are looking to tap into the market of potential sellers. SmartZip uses advanced algorithms to predict when homeowners in specific areas may be looking to sell their homes. While some agents may be skeptical about the exclusivity of the geographic areas provided by SmartZip, the postcard mailing system is where they see the most value. SmartZip mails postcards, with your branding, to the selected areas. These postcards have unique identification codes, prompting prospects to enter the code online for information on their home’s value. This allows agents to receive immediate alerts on those who have shown interest in selling their homes, offering a new avenue to secure potential clients.

5. Agent Locator

Similar to Bold Leads, Agent Locator provides an all-in-one solution to generate leads for real estate agents including website development, CRM, pay-per-click management, and video, and content marketing services. One of the biggest advantages of Agent Locator is its pay-per-click management service which includes advertising on Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. This is a great benefit for agents who do not have the time or expertise to learn how to advertise on these platforms. However, it’s important to note that relying solely on their data can be risky, so installing Google Analytics on your website is a must. This way you can track the traffic sources and decide where to allocate your advertising budget. The downside is that you need to purchase each service separately and pay additional monthly management fees. While Agent Locator is better suited for specific needs, it does offer landing pages and a CRM. Plus, their strength lies in the diversity of advertising options available to reach potential leads.

6. Offers 

Offers is a lead generation company that exclusively focuses on providing seller leads to real estate agents. They claim to use online triggers to predict the likelihood of someone selling their home and have partnerships with online portals that offer instant home valuations, similar to Zillow. Although they refused to reveal the exact providers they work with due to NDAs, it’s suspected that they may be buying leads from Zillow and reselling them. For $300.00, you can purchase a whole territory in a zip code and expect about 25-30 shared seller leads per month.

Offers also offers a CRM system like most other lead generation companies. However, it’s important to note that these are shared seller leads, and the key to success is to get in touch with the seller as soon as possible. You may only have an address to work with, so it’s important to utilize every available resource, such as snail mail, email, social media, white pages, and even door-knocking, to get in touch with the potential client.

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