Best Hi Tea in Lahore

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Lamessa made a daring entry into the restaurant business, beginning a tradition of offering clients affordable, authentic, and wholesome food in a warm setting,

as well as the best hot tea in Lahore and a renowned, never-ending variety of supper buffet. Our clients may enjoy fine food and desserts in the area’s lavish yet cosy setting.

At our restaurant, which is situated on the first floor of the Indigo Hotel, there is always something going on and something to drink. a location where you can get together with friends for delicious meals, energising beverages, or unofficial happy hours.

The best place in Lahore for Hi Tea, brunch, and buffets, whether you’re with family or friends, is Lamessa.


The Lamessa Restaurant is well known for serving the best hot tea along with delectable cuisine in a friendly setting. In our comfortable lounge, you may eat a meal or grab a quick snack while sipping on complimentary margaritas.

The menu has delicious, filling meals and daily specials that the whole family will enjoy. We provide a wide range of cuisines, including classic favourites. All of our dishes are professionally prepared by our chef from scratch.


Our Chef and his colleagues are ready to give you some of the best hot tea in Lahore. We are confident that you will like the meals at our Lamessa restaurant.

In this incredibly imaginative environment, we provide vibrant, energetic, and delectable hi tea. We serve tea and coffee in addition to sandwiches, scones, pastries, and other delectable items.

On our menu, we also offer a variety of other options. We provide a selection of sandwiches, breaded chicken wings, soup, and more. We have a variety of dessert options, including custard pudding and French pastries.

People in Lahore prefer to go here for hi tea since it is the most popular brand there.


In Gulberg, Lahore, we offer a unique setting for eating indoors. Come and have a lassi, chana bhujya, paratha, nehari, or sausage when you visit us today. or anything from our menu, or fresh fruit. Examine the fruit juice while sipping a cool beverage of your choosing.

Lamessa puts a lot of effort into giving our customers a pleasant experience. On sometimes, we play background music. We provide cereal, an omelette or fried egg, pancakes, waffles, toast, coffee, or tea.

We welcome you to stop by and say hello; please do. It offers a posh dining experience while maintaining the genuine flavours of Pakistani cuisine.


The restaurant Lamessa, located in the heart of Gulberg, has a fantastic ambiance. The best buffet in Lahore offers the most mouthwatering delicacies, like Thai chicken salad, chicken corn soup, palak mutton, and a variety of other cuisines.

When talking about desserts, examples include black forest cake, carrot cake, chocolate pudding, seasonal fruits, familiar meals, and many more. The best buffet in Lahore may be enjoyed while relaxing by the glass and enjoying calm music.

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