Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore

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We cordially invite you to sample mouthwatering flavours at any of our savoury all-day eating establishments in Lahore, including our largest rooftop restaurant with a tranquil atmosphere.

From our large menu, our chefs take great delight in creating a variety of meals. At our great lunch and dinner buffets, indulge in a range of delectable foods and please your palate.

When paired with the hotel’s tranquil settings and our fresh, high-quality food, a wonderful dining experience is guaranteed. We provide different cuisines in each of our five restaurants.


An attractive and tranquil eating establishment open all day for all of our patrons on the ground floor of the Indigo Hotel in Gulberg. Lamessa has a highly vivacious and exuberant atmosphere.

One of Lahore’s premier dining establishments, it offers a variety of mouthwatering delicacies at its best Hi Tea and dinner buffets. Lamessa offers mouthwatering Pakistani fare such finger fish, Karahi, rice, salads, and more, while Continental offers a wide range of affordable options like spaghetti, pizza pieces, chicken, and much more.

People also like the dessert options at Lamessa. One of the top restaurants in Lahore because of the variety of meals they provide.


On Indigo’s ground floor is a little designer bakery called Purple Candy that provides sweets as sweet as its name and delectable, freshly made coffee.

At extremely affordable pricing, Purple Candy offers freshly baked confections, nibble snacks, and personalised cakes. We allow clients to design their cakes with the flavours and ingredients of their choice, enabling them to commemorate important events and add significance to their precious moments.

In order for our clients to enjoy their special events and make amazing memories with their favourite sweets and cakes, we carefully combine the best flavours into our cakes and cupcakes.


When it comes to restaurants in Lahore Gulberg, The Skye is a well-known brand. On the 18th floor of The Indigo Hotel, it is the tallest rooftop restaurant in Lahore and provides a very relaxed and elegant open-air experience.

There are many different foods on the extensive menu at the Skye restaurant. Delicious Pakistani and Desi food is offered à la carte, with a selection of specialties.

Additionally, a live BBQ with a range of mouthwatering flavours is there. Skye offers a magnificent environment with live Qawali, which creates a musical ambiance.

It is one of the top outdoor eating establishments in Lahore for celebrating special events with loved ones and friends.


One of Indigo’s contributions to the top restaurants in Pakistan is the well-known moniker “PINWEI.” On the fourth floor of the Indigo Hotel, which is well-known for its delicious supper and high tea buffets at reasonable prices, is where you’ll find Pinwei.

PINWEI focuses on providing a variety of cuisines, as seen by their hi-tea and multi-cuisine buffets. It is in a highly contemporary environment with a hint of culture and elegance.

The atmosphere of PIN WEI attracts visitors. No one passes up the chance to eat in a lovely and serene environment while savouring exquisite food.


As the name says, Aoki delivers delicious Japanese food. It is one of the few establishments that specialises in serving Japanese food, providing a wide selection of dishes that lead all Lahore Gulberg restaurants.

It is situated on the 17th level of the Indigo Hotel. Our chefs mix their own cultural traditions with unique flavours to produce Japanese food with a traditional flair.

Famous meals including sushi, tempura, ramen, and many more dishes are served at Aoki. In addition to serving wonderful meals, we also offer a calm environment with the perfect ambience for everyone to enjoy.

With your loved ones, it is also ideal for commemorating significant events.


How many restaurants are there in Lahore?

There are several restaurants in Lahore, like Lamessa, Pinwei, The Skye, and Aoki, thus going out to eat has become a common hobby for locals. These establishments double as both a place to dine and a social meeting spot.

Which restaurants in Lahore with rooftops?

Are you searching for delicious cuisine and stunning rooftop views in Lahore? This Skye Restaurant is located on the 17th floor of a building and boasts an Instagrammable décor in addition to serving contemporary cocktails and traditional spicy food.

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