How Did Greg’s Dad Die, Bachelorette? Let’s Talk About All the Information!

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In the first episode of Katie Thurston’s season, participant Greg Grippo received the First Impression Rose.

Grippo managed to win Katie’s heart and remained in the top three up until episode nine, when he said, “I’m done here,” and walked out of Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

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What Happened to Greg Grippo’s Dad from the Bachelorette?

Frank Grippo, Grippo’s father, passed away on December 30, 2018, according to his obituary. Sandra, Greg’s mother, and Frank were wed for 35 years when Frank passed away.

Frank was given a month to live since his disease had reached Stage IV. During their one-on-one date on The Bachelorette’s June 14 episode, Grippo revealed to Thurston that his father had passed away.

Grippo shared some pictures of his father on Instagram the day following his passing. “I am aware that you are still here. Love you always,” he said below the picture, adding a red heart emoji.

Greg is from New Jersey.

He’s from the Garden State, that’s for sure. According to his ABC profile, Greg is from Edison, New Jersey. In high school, he also participated in basketball, and he continues to be active now. His ideal first-date suggestions include riding bikes, dancing, or seeing a concert.

He works in marketing.

Greg obtained a position as an account manager at Mondo, a marketing employment firm, after completing his studies in business and marketing at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. Prior to that, he worked as an account professional for the health brand Melaleuca.

Greg is a total dog person.

Yes, he appreciates a nice selfie with Dal his dog. He captioned an old Instagram photo, “Quarantine Day 2: Dal has had enough of me and my room-coms.”

Family is Greg’s first priority.

Greg enjoys spending time with his younger nephews and other family members because he wants to be a father. Watching his parents has taught him a lot about the kind of wife and family he hopes to have in the future (#romancegoals).

Greg makes it quite apparent that his family is his first focus, whether he’s displaying old pictures of his parents or showcasing the more recent additions to the Grippo family tree. It’s likely that the kids’ question will come up once or twice as he accompanies Katie through her Bachelorette adventure.

Greg sparked romance rumors with a Bachelor alum in 2021 after Katie’s season.

After Katie’s season, Greg ignited relationship rumours with a former Bachelor.

Photos of Greg going around with Bri Springs, a former Bachelor contestant from Matt James’ season, surfaced in early August. The news was leaked on the Bachelor Nation Instagram account, and the fans were not pleased.

Why is this making me angry? said one user. Another person commented, “It’s becoming strange.

Later that weekend, according to E! News, Bri took to her own Instagram to clarify. She shared a picture of herself holding hands with another man on her Instagram Story along with the description “current relationship status.” Therefore, it appears that she and Greg were only starting to know one another (for now).

Katie really liked Greg

She was in love with several of her 30 suitors that night, but Greg immediately piqued her interest.

Katie told Us Weekly, “What I loved about Greg was he was just true to himself, which was this really anxious, very uncomfortable man. He didn’t attempt to be a cool guy or act like a different person than he is. He just said, “This is me, and I’m very terrified.” And I found it to be incredibly adorable, you know?

Katie said that she thought Greg had a lot of promise. According to Us Weekly, she remarked, “And I could sense as long as he opened up, there was something more there.” “So I reasoned that giving him the first impression rose would confirm his feelings of interest in me. Let’s resolve this.”

Why Do Bachelorette Fans Think Greg Grippo is an Actor?

According to locals in Bachelorette Nation, participant Grippo is simply there for the fame and not for the love. Thurston handed Grippo her first impression rose this season after giving her a macaroni necklace created by his niece.

According to reports, Grippo is currently working as a marketing executive in New York, but a Reddit member by the name of @DeuxMoi wrote a lengthy number of claims against him that lead her to believe differently.

Some people believe that he is simply participating in the programme to advance his profession, not to gain Thurston’s affection. He is not on the programme for love, let alone Katie, the Reddit user stated. He merely intends to use his presence to further and launch his acting career.

The commenter continued by calling Grippo a “liar who lies to manipulate.” The Reddit member discusses knowing one of the competitors in another post. Everyone in Bachelorette nation believes it to be Grippo even though they don’t reveal who it is.

“My closest friend dated a fan favourite on The Bachelorette for a year and a half, and he was cruel to her,” the user said. “This is just an act—a lovely, bashful youngster trying to be. There is no denying that he is an actor.

I don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but I saw him get upset and call her names since she was wearing a short dress.

The user said, “He broke up with her, she was devastated, and at one in the morning, he had her take an hour-long Uber ride home by herself.

“We watched as our good-natured, confident buddy degenerated into a shell of herself before being cast out on the streets. Of course, his social media are in excellent form right now. He must uphold his reputation.

In support of the allegations, Grippo’s social media accounts reveal that he attended the William Esper Acting School.

How Can I Watch the Bachelorette?

Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC, The Bachelorette airs. Greg’s mother Sandy Grippo appeared on the “Hometown Dates” episode of The Bachelorette.

In the episode, Sandy expressed her concerns to Katie, saying that “his heart’s going to get wounded.” Everyone will be harmed by the end of this, except for one man, Katie predicted.

Will stress cause Thurston and Grippo to split up before they can leave the Bachelor mansion?

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