Ultimate Guide to Amazon Reverse ASIN: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

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The “Amazon Standard Identification Number,” or ASIN, is a special identification number created from a mix of letters and digits.

An ASIN number is typically assigned to every product on Amazon shortly after listing approval. It is an example of an Amazon seller’s SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit).

The use of Amazon Reverse ASIN searches is highly recommended for doing keyword research on the merchandise of your rivals and for comparing your performance.You may even discover search trends if you do this repeatedly.

The reverse ASIN procedure is normally effective, but for it to be effective, you must make sure that you are focusing on reverse ASINs that precisely match your items.

Additionally, you must target just the search terms and phrases that are relevant to your items.

However, the issue is how to go about it. Even yet, a lot of merchants are unaware of reverse ASIN on Amazon and how it works. If you fall into such category, this essay is for you.

An exhaustive tutorial to the reverse ASIN search on Amazon is provided here. Additionally, we have included information on Amazon Reverse ASIN that you should be aware of. Let’s look at the instruction below.

What Is an ASIN Reversed on Amazon?

One of the greatest methods for finding relevant keywords for your product is to utilise the Amazon Reverse ASIN lookup tool.

This research technique is excellent since it reveals the terms that your rival Amazon sellers are currently utilising.

You may rapidly get the best Amazon search placement with the Amazon Reverse ASIN lookup, and adding information to the Keyword Tool doesn’t take much time or effort.

You are employing the keywords using the Amazon reverse ASIN search that have previously been profitable for your rivals.

By simply inputting the ASIN of the product, the Amazon reverse ASIN search tool reveals the precise keywords that a competitor’s product is now ranking for.

This is incredibly important since you may avoid all the trial-and-error and qualify for keywords that are effective for items like yours.

Then, depending on the proposals you get, you only need a little bit of time and creativity to design your SEO and PPC plans.

Finding keywords that attract more customers and convert better may be done much more quickly and effectively this manner.

The Function of Amazon Reverse ASIN

The Amazon reverse ASIN displays the keywords for which a certain product is currently ranked. It is quite simple to do an Amazon reverse ASIN search.

It just takes three simple actions to complete. Let’s examine how the reverse ASIN search on Amazon works.

Obtain the ASIN for the rival product:

  • Search for a comparable product that you are offering
  • Click on the product
  • Scroll down to discover the “Product Details”
  • In “Product Details”, you will acquire a unique ASIN number.

Launch a Reverse ASIN Tool and look up the ASIN

  • Open the finest reverse ASIN tool like Zonbase
  • Paste the ASIN number into the search bar
  • Pressing enter will reveal the information.

Gather the Right Keyword

After pressing Enter, Zonbase will quickly create keywords that users may utilise in PPC campaigns for their products on Amazon.

Describe Zonbase

You must outperform your rivals if you want to rank #1 on Amazon. Zonbase is a simple Amazon Reverse ASIN search engine that allows you to monitor your competitors’ keyword ranks on Amazon for sponsored adverts.

You may use the Zonbase tool to do a reverse ASIN search to discover useful keyword ideas, search volume, short-tail and long-tail keywords, appropriate search phrases, etc.

to improve your SEO strategies for Amazon listings and achieve page one placement on Amazon.com.

Let’s discuss how you can utilise this tool to help your product rank higher.

What Is The Zonbase Process For A Reverse ASIN?

Finding lucrative keywords to target is essential to building an Amazon company. Additionally, using the top Amazon Reverse ASIN tool, such as Zonbase, is a terrific way to increase traffic and conversions and hence, sales.

Let’s now look at how you may utilise the Amazon Reverse ASIN tool to streamline the keyword research procedure.

  • To begin, launch the Zonbase app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your ZonBase account and choose “Reverse ASIN” from the dashboard.
  • The dropdown button is located next to the nation’s flag. Select the Marketplace option from the dropdown menu.
  • Copy the ASIN of the items you want to target from Amazon and paste it into the search field there.
  • Select “search” from the menu.
  • The ASINs of your rivals will then show up in a pop-up window in front of you.
  • Find three goods that are related by searching Amazon. One reverse search for one rival ASIN may be done, but it is usually preferable to do several. If you want to utilise more, you must separately paste the ASINs and URLs.
  • Copy the URLs or ASINs for the products.
  • Click the dropdown menu in the pop-up to return to Zonbase.
  • Enter the ASINs or URLs of your rivals here in the search field.
  • Select “Add.”
  • Click “Analyze” after you have finished pasting all of the ASINs and URLs.
  • Watch for the outcomes.
  • The rankings for your product and those of your competitors are often shown in the results for various keywords on the Amazon search result pages. There, you can also check the number of searches, commonly used terms, smart score, and word frequency.

If you want a genuine supplier choice, choose the “Find a potential supplier” option. Select the “Export” option to save the results to a spreadsheet.

Zonbase’s ordinary plan allows for 10 searches per day and its legendary plan allows for 250 searches per day.

How To Find Profitable Goods/Benefits Using Reverse ASIN Lookup

You may benefit from Amazon Reverse ASIN searches in various ways. Here’s how to improve your listing on Amazon by using the reverse ASIN lookup feature.

Extraction of keywords

The capacity of reverse ASIN search to extract the most competitive keywords is one of its most lucrative features.

To improve your position on the Amazon search result pages, employ the keywords you discovered from reverse ASIN searches.

You may stop manually determining which keyword your rivals are employing to rank #1 with the use of Reverse ASIN search.

Ahead of the Competition

On Amazon, there are millions of different items. Therefore, a vendor needs a practical approach to reach their intended market.

You may learn everything about your rival using reverse ASIN search to outshine them in the market you’ve selected.

Save time and effort.

You will just waste your time and energy if you have to use the manual trial-and-error technique by reading through a product’s bullet points, description, FAQs, and other resources.

You may quickly and easily find relevant keyword information with the use of a Reverse ASIN search. Thus, it conserves both time and energy.

Saves you cash

You can perform the work yourself if you know how to use the correct technology to analyse your competition more thoroughly.

Optimization of Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Running a Pay-Per-Click campaign can set you back a sizable sum of money. However, it is acceptable if the campaign gives you a strong Return on Investment.

And one of these campaigns is the ASIN reverse lookup on Amazon. It assists you in fine-tuning your Pay-Per-Click approach to improve your position in Amazon search results.

Traffic and conversions are up.

By increasing your chances of showing up at the top of Amazon’s search results and recommendations, conducting reverse ASIN searches on Amazon may increase traffic and conversion.

As a result, you see an increase in traffic and conversion, which may lead to more sales and profit!


Use Zonbase right away if you want to sell goods on Amazon. You may use Zonbase to find out the precise keywords your rivals are utilising in sponsored advertisements and PPC marketing campaigns on Amazon.

Furthermore, you can build even stronger campaigns and get your items to rank #1 by using the precise search phrases from your bulk ASIN search on Zonbase.

To get precise information, use a reliable instrument like Zonbase; anything less is like placing your business transactions on a hunch.

Therefore, you may increase your sales and profit more quickly the better tool you utilise.

Good luck with your Amazon company!


Why should we do a reverse ASIN search on Amazon?

One. Amazon An excellent way to get the right keywords fast is to use reverse ASIN search. The keywords you find using a reverse ASIN query are the ones that performed better and generated more sales on Amazon.

These are the same keywords that your rivals’ items that are comparable to yours have previously effectively used. So you must do an Amazon Reverse ASIN search in order to outperform the competition on Amazon.

What purposes does Zonbase serve?

A reverse ASIN lookup research tool is Zonbase. You can create better PPC ads, more strategic marketing plans, and more relevant content with the aid of the thorough information you get from Zonbase.

It is a valuable tool that enables you to outperform the opposition.

How can I locate the best keywords for Amazon?

A reputable keyword research tool like Zonbase must be used to find the best keywords for product ranking on Amazon.

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