How to delete a page in Word

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Editors or future employers may have a negative impression of your professionalism if your manuscript has blank pages. You should always try to remove blank pages from documents because Microsoft Word is infamous for producing them. Fortunately, we can quickly walk you through the process of delete a page in Word

We intend to alleviate others’ aggravation with blank pages. We’ve created the following advice to assist you in deleting those unnecessary pages should they appear in this specific word processor because Microsoft Word is a well-known program for creating documents. Our advice also offers instructions on how to remove a Word page that has both text and graphics.

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How to delete a page with content in Word

Although we can show you how to erase a page in Word, doing so when a page has text and pictures differs from doing so when a page is entirely blank. Let’s first go through how to erase a Word page that is loaded with content.

Step 1:

Selecting a page is the initial step in the deletion process. Use the Go to function (Ctrl + G on Windows, Option + Command + G on Macs) or scroll to the desired page.

Choose any location on the page after you’ve located it.

Step 2:

Choose the entire page’s content after that. Although it may seem like you’ve already done this, Word needs to know that you want to erase the entire page, not just a portion of its contents. There are two ways to accomplish this:

The first method:

Type “page” in the Enter page number box after activating the Go to function (Ctrl + G, or Option + Command + G on a Mac). Next, click Go to (or use your keyboard’s Enter or Return key) and then click Close. (Note: It appears that this technique only functions on pages that are entirely populated with content. Use the second selection technique described below if the text or graphics on the page you’re dealing with are only partially filled.)

The second method:

You may also select everything on the page by dragging your mouse. Make careful to drag your mouse past the end of the text when picking a page that is only half filled with material so that it seems as though you are also selecting the empty spaces on the page. Step three might not function as you want it to if you don’t do it.

How to delete a page with content in Word

Step 3:

Lastly, remove the page. Although there isn’t a specific page deletion feature in Microsoft Word, we may easily erase a page now that its contents have been chosen.

Press the Delete key on your keyboard after making sure you have chosen the entire page.

How to delete extra page in MS Word

Delete page, with text and graphics, in Word using backspace/ delete

With Microsoft Word versions 2007, 2016, 2019, and 2021, this is likely the most straightforward method for deleting a page. Using the ‘Backspace’ or ‘Delete’ buttons on a Windows computer or laptop or a page with text, images, or empty paragraphs, you may remove it from the doc file.

  • With the mouse or the Control+A/Command+A commands, select the whole page that you want to erase.
  • Now press the “Backspace” and “Delete” keys.
  • The blank or undesirable page will be eliminated from the Microsoft Word document.

Delete the page in Word using Find and Replace tool

Moreover, Word’s Find and Replace feature allows you to remove an extra page. With just a few clicks, you may quickly browse to the page you wish to eliminate using the locate and replace tool. Dealing with large Word documents that have a lot of pages and are sluggish to traverse calls for using this technique. Here are the steps you may take to remove a page in Word using the Search and Replace feature in versions 2007, 2016, 2019, and 2021.

  • Tap anywhere on the page you wish to remove in Microsoft Word after opening the word document.
  • Ctrl+G on a Windows computer or Option+Command+G on a Mac will do.
  • A dialogue box will appear; navigate to the “Go To” area and enter the page number there.
  • Your keyboard should say “Enter” then “Close.”
  • Make sure the content is selected and that it is on the correct page (deleting the wrong page would be a bad idea).
  • then utilize your keyboard’s “Delete” or “Backspace” keys.

How to delete a blank page in Word

The majority of text editors, including Word, tend to add blank pages after your document for no apparent reason. It’s always a good idea to remove those before sending the document to the printer or your supervisor. Here’s how to remove a page from Word, even if it’s blank:

Step 1:

Use the Navigation window to locate the blank page or pages. To accomplish this, choose the View tab and confirm that the Navigation pane checkbox is checked.

To see every page in your manuscript, choose Pages in the sidebar that appears on the left.

Step 2:

Choose the blank page you wish to delete from the Navigation pane.

Step 3:

Your keyboard’s Delete key should be depressed.

Remove the blank page at this point.

After learning how to remove a page break and double space in Word, you may now erase a page in Word.


You might need to attempt various methods to erase a page since Word generates additional or blank pages for a variety of reasons.

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