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Are you aiming to shorten the URL in 2022? The “IP Logger” is something you should attempt. The finest “URL Shortener” for 2022 is this.

There are several different programmes and websites that provide the ability to shorten URLs, but trust us when we say that we only advocate using “IP Logger.”

You must be patient as we fully explain this website if you have any questions about why we will just utilise “IP Logger.” Let’s examine what IP Logger is.

What is an “IP Logger”?

“IP Logger” is a URL Shortener that enables you to shorten URLs with comprehensive analytics information. It works on all types of websites, including blogs, forums, and websites.

Additionally, you can simply locate your IP address and its location, track the precise position of any PC or mobile device, and verify URLs for redirection and security. Each of them was made feasible by the usage of “IP Logger” services.

When someone accesses your website using the shortened link, you can quickly verify the most recent information on each link with the aid of a sophisticated algorithm.

There are other ways to gather in-depth analytics and monitor IP addresses, including rapid links, an invisible pixel, and a special geo-logging service.

How to make URL shorter on “IP Logger”?

Using IP Logger, shortening URLs is a simple operation. You must follow the instructions in order to successfully and quickly convert a lengthy URL into a shorter form:

  • Go to the official webpage at https://iplogger.org.
  • Put the “Long URL” you wish to shorten in here.
  • Select “Shorten” from the menu.

Once you have completed it, all information on the long URL, short URL, location, and IP address will be available. Additionally, the IP logger offers additional, more transient URL services like:

Image & URL Shortener

Location Tracker, IP Tracker, and URL Checker for AnoniMailer, as well as the ability to see logger statistics.

You may access every function with a single click. When you visit an official website, scroll down to see all of these features. You can choose anyone based on your perceived needs.

How to Create an account on “IP Logger” and sign in?

On “IP Logger,” creating an account is a simple procedure. There is no need for you to travel. Here, we covered every aspect of setting up an account and logging in. Make sure you take the actions outlined below:

  • Go to the official webpage at https://iplogger.org.
  • To sign up, use the “Sign up” link in the top right corner.
  • Set the “Password” and enter “Gmail.”
  • Click the “Sign up” button after making sure you are a human and not a robot.

You’ve been successful in setting up an account with “IP logger.” This will automatically go to the login page and log you in when you create a reservation. Make careful to click the “verify” link supplied by the official “IP Logger” website to confirm your account.

Features and Benefits of “IP Logger”

Virtually every piece of software and website has advantages and features that set it apart from competitors. Similar to “IP Logger,” it offers advantages and features that set it apart from similar products. Here, we looked at a few advantages and features:

In addition to providing comprehensive information about your URLs, including traffic statistics, IP address, and location, IP Logger is more than simply a URL shortener.

It also offers the abbreviated URL for picture URLs. URL & Image Shortener Most other websites with shortened URLs lack this capability.

Invisible image: To increase traffic to and the value of your website, you may also create invisible IPLogger pictures. Required: agreement with T&C and privacy policy!

AnoniMailer: IP Logger also offers mailing services free of spam, advertisements, hacking, and robot attacks.

Additionally, it offers information about IP trackers and URL checkers. Now, it is possible to determine the IP address’s entire data and the status of a URL by looking at its statistics.

Location Tracker: By creating position tracker links, you may also determine the precise GPS location of any mobile device.

Examine Logger Statistics: After creating an IPLogger or shortening a link, you may view all the statistics related to that particular link.

How to Install an official “IP Logger app”?

You may access the official “IP Logger app” link on the official website at “https://iplogger.org/” without leaving your current location. To install an app without any issues, simply follow the instructions:

  • View the official website.
  • “Get it on Google Play” should be clicked.
  • Get it and set it up.

Please take note that you may also get this software straight on “The Google Play store.” Install the official programme by entering “IPLOGGER URL Shortener” in the search box.

The “iPhone” also has access to this software. The same steps must be followed to open the Apple Store rather than the Google Play Store when installing the programme.

Final Thoughts

The finest platform for compressing lengthy URLs into small URLs is “IP Logger.” Hope you give it a go as we did. This has numerous functions that we have already discussed in addition to being a converter for URLs.

FAQs About the “IP Logger”

Is IP Logger legal?

Yes, you may view all the information on the URL location, IP address, etc. when we discuss a single IP address. This is a free utility that offers URL conversion capabilities; it does nothing illegal.

Has IP Logger developed any apps?

Yes, you may download and install the “IP logger” programme from the Google Play store.

When did Register launch the website “iplogger.org”?

On 2011-04-03, “IP Logger” was registered through “Registrar Epik Inc.” It will expire on 2023-04-03. updated most recently on 2021-09-17.

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