Junko Furuta Case: The Brutal Murder Story of a Girl

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You may be devastated by this true story. This horrifying tale is about Junko Furuta, a 17-year-old Japanese girl who was abducted, raped, and subjected to gruesome torture for 44 days before being brutally murdered by four guys in 1988. Her murder became known as the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case” after the discovery of her remains within a concrete drum.

Even though there have been numerous killings reported, Junko Furuta’s case represents an extreme level of brutality.

The suffering that Junko endured in her final 44 days of life is indescribable. Above all, it was even more upsetting and startling to learn that these cruel deeds were being committed by four high school lads! The four youths responsible for this heinous act are Yasushi Watanabe, Nobuharu Minato, Kamisaku Jo, and Hiroshi Miyano.

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Who Is Junko Furuta?

High school student Junko Furuta was a resident of Japan. She was kidnapped, subjected to torture, raped, and killed. Because Junko’s body was found within a concrete drum, her case became known as the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case”. Hiroshi Miyano, Shinji Minato, J. Ogura, and Yasushi Watanabe were the perpetrators, and the abuse lasted for forty days, from 25 November 1988 to 4 January 1989. To find out what happened to Junko Furuta, scroll down.

What Happened to Junko Furuta?

At the age of 17, Junko Furuta attended high school in Japan.

On November 25, 1988, Junko was returning from her part-time work. The girl fell as a random boy walked by her. To assist Junko, Hiroshi Miyano went to see her. Then Hiroshi abducted Junko along with his three companions.

They brought Junko to the home of one of the kidnapper’s parents in Adachi. The males forced the girl to tell her parents she had run away, was safe, and would spend some time with some of her friends.

Junko Furuta – A Japanese Girl Killed Brutally

At the age of 17, Junko Furuta attended Saitama Yashio-Minami High School in Japan. Like any other typical student, Junko had goals and objectives of her own that she wished to achieve. Not only that, but she also possessed other positive traits that made her popular with all of her peers. She didn’t smoke or drink in her free time. She avoided using narcotics as well.

She was incredibly lovely. She admired a boy named Hiroshi Miyano. When he presented Junko with her proposition, she immediately rejected it. Hiroshi could not take this rejection from her which made him enraged and he determined to seek revenge on her.

Junko Furuta Story – Here is what all happened

Junko Furuta Story – Here is what all happened

On November 25, 1988, a random male passed by Junko as she was riding her bike home from her part-time job. This caused her to trip and collapse. As if to assist her, Miyano approached her. But then in no time and before Junko understood what was happening, Miyano together with his three companions grabbed Junko.

They brought Junko to a home belonging to one of the kidnapper’s parents in Adachi, Tokyo. The lads forced Junko to contact her parents and explain that she had escaped, was safe, and would be spending some time with some of her friends.

The males then began torturing the little girl in genuine ways. No one, not even in the worst nightmare, can even begin to comprehend the suffering they caused Junko. For 44 days, the cruel lads tormented Junko. Over these 44 days, they kept her completely exposed. More than 500 times, she was raped by 100 different individuals.

Junko Furuta tortured terribly by the boys

The lads tortured Junko in the most horrifying manner possible. They brutally beat her. Her genitalia was penetrated with scissors, bottles, a hot, bursting light bulb, roasted chicken skewers, roasting needles, and irons. Also, various body parts of her were burned. They immediately hacked off her breasts without a second thought. The girl was also forced to eat insects and drink urine.

The males went above and above in their attempts to abuse and torture Junko. On her, they urinated. They also used her as a punching bag by hanging her from the ceiling. In the chilly winter, she was forced to sleep on the balcony. The dumbells squeezed her stomach. She was in constant discomfort.

They tortured her with iron rods, golf clubs, and even hours in the refrigerator. Using needles, they pierced her body several times. The nasty lads also used a cigarette lighter to burn their victim’s eyes, clitoris, and genitalia. She had pliers curled around one of her nipples. Junko was in such much pain from the numerous wounds on her body that she was unable to stand. For the restroom, she had to stoop all the way downstairs.

Almost twenty days after being kidnapped and tortured, Junko managed to phone the police on an emergency line. Before Junko could respond, the lads caught her and cut off the conversation by taking the phone away from her. She was harshly punished for this by having her legs burned. They put lighter fuel on her legs and scorched them with flames. She was unable to even walk after that.

She had a blood clot in her nostril, which prevented her from breathing. Because of the internal bleeding, she was unable to even digest the meal, which caused her to vomit. But, the horrible lads even beat her for puking on the carpet and soiled it.

How Old Was Junko Furuta?

According to the teal mango, Junko was just 17 years old when she passed away. On January 4, 1989, she passed away. The lads were all under 18, thus neither the death penalty nor life in prison was awarded to the killers. This is the worst aspect of this horrific incident. The other three boys were all handed prison terms of a few years, along with Hiroshi, who received a 20-year sentence. By now, all 4 of the youngsters may have been let out of jail.

Junko Furuta – Death

Junko Furuta – Death

After around 30 days, Junko even stopped urinating. Her eardrums were also hurt. Junko pleaded with the killer to murder her and end it all because she could take no more of this suffering. On the forty-fourth day after her kidnapping, the torturers finally dismembered her.

The boys pounded with an iron barbell, not even sparing the dismembered body. Afterward, they doused her with lighter fluid and set fire to her face, stomach, legs, and face. Around two hours were spent on this last round of torment. Later that day, on January 4, 1989, Junko passed away for good.

The cruel killers in this Junko Furuta tale were not given the death penalty or even life in jail since they were all minors, which is the saddest element of the tale. The other three boys were just seven years old, but Miyano received a twenty-year term. By now, all four of the lads may have been let out of custody.

People still remember Junko on social media

The terrible situation that led to Junko Furuta’s passing took place more than three decades ago. They continue to think of and pray for the helpless girl.

Knowing that not much justice has been served in the horrible killing of Junko Furuta makes me very sad. For doing absolutely nothing, the poor girl must endure unbearable suffering.

Sadly, this distressing narrative was based on a true occurrence. Let us know what you think!

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