LibreOffice update: is it finally time to ditch Microsoft 365?

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The release of LibreOffice 6.1 brings several new features, as well as some important performance enhancements and bug fixes to the popular open source office suite that has long been considered an alternative to Microsoft Office 365.

Considering how much faster it can be than Microsoft’s offering, it might finally be time to ditch Microsoft Office 365 entirely and go all in with LibreOffice. Here’s why…

The Basics

The LibreOffice project has been constantly updating the productivity suite and bringing their open-source software to more platforms, with Android being one of them. Now, there’s a new big update that came out recently that might make you consider whether it’s finally time to abandon Microsoft 365 for good.

If this new release from LibreOffice is anything like previous ones, then we’re talking about a serious upgrade in terms of compatibility and performance. That alone should be enough to give some people pause before they renew their subscriptions to Office 365 or move onto another system altogether.

It all depends on what your needs are as an individual user and what your priorities are. But if you can stand on your own two feet without needing the backing of an enterprise company, then maybe it’s worth giving LibreOffice a try.

Spelling Checker

The most recent Libre Office suite has a lot of new and improved features, such as shape recognition. Furthermore, a microsoft365 product can’t do the same thing with a word processing or presentation app. Microsoft365’s cloud service automatically saves and syncs files, whereas you have to go back into your Libre Office suite on your computer to save changes.

One thing that microsoft365 does offer that Libre Office doesn’t yet support is Auto Save features which automatically save documents every 30 minutes in real-time. You also don’t need to worry about installing an automatic spell checker since microsoft365 already comes with one built in.

Another plus for microsoft365 is that you’re able to share your work directly from within the office suite rather than having to send out separate emails for each document, but again this option isn’t available in Libre Office.

Offline Editing

My favorite part of the new release is the offline editing. You can now type up an essay or work on a spreadsheet without worrying about staying connected. What’s even better is that this means you’ll have more flexibility with the location and settings for your LibreMOCA project, which can be vital for events like conferences where you’re at risk of losing internet connection.

The ability to use LibreOffice offline also makes collaborating on projects easy if people are working in different places-one person does their bit online while the other does theirs using the same file.

And when everything comes together, you’ve got a beautifully composed document without any formatting issues!

You don’t need expensive Office 365 anymore if you’ve got a copy of LibreOffice installed-and since we all know how much money those subscription fees cost, it’s worth giving this latest update a try.

So what are you waiting for? Give LibreOffice a shot today and see just how good it really is! It might not seem like there are many reasons to abandon your Microsoft 365 subscription anymore.

I’ll admit I was hesitant to make the switch from Microsoft Office, but I’m glad I did-because I absolutely love LibreOffice!

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