The Most Effective Strategies for Image SEO

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Written By Albert Roy

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When photographs are optimized for search, there is a significant rise in the amount of traffic. This enhances the possibility that the photographs will appear in the picture OneBoxes that are displayed by Google next to the results of a search. In conclusion, choosing the appropriate photos is really necessary in order to achieve a modern and appealing design for a website. Keep reading to learn the foundations of search engine optimization for images as well as the top tactics for being noticed.

The picture search on Google is a powerful instrument, and it is considered to be one of the company’s “special searches.” There is a wide range of variation in the percentage of all searches that are for photographs. Recent research indicates that photos account for 4.68 percent of all clicks. This should not come as much of a surprise given that pictures, due to their characteristics and their prominent placement, are more likely to attract clicks than text blocks or text links.

What factors should optimize image search results?

In search results, images from websites with onsite and offsite SEO are more likely to appear. Because only a highly rated page can give its photos meaning. If you fit this description, great care must be taken with your images.

Check the size of the files.

The size of picture files is typically measured in gigabytes, particularly when dealing with bigger formats. It takes approximately the same amount of time to send photos. Because of the way Google ranks websites, this may result in a lower rating for the site.

There are a few different approaches one may take in order to reduce the size of a picture file. The majority of graphic design products provide you the option to choose both the file format and the amount of compression (see above). The value of a file has an adverse effect on its size. However, the quality of the photographs is diminished when they are compressed. Achieve balance.

JPEG Compressor is used to achieve the best possible results with the photographs.

prevent effort duplication

Stay away from DC movies as well. It is best to avoid utilizing thumbnails that, when clicked with the mouse, expand into full-size views. Make use of the robots.txt file to avoid having multiple index entries for pages that are similar to one another. When it comes to picture references, canonical links are completely pointless. To prevent duplication, do not.


HTML describes pictures. Both the title and alt tags are correct. When photos can’t display the text, alt tags do it for them. When the mouse is moved over the picture title tag, a tool tip is displayed. The crawling of both tags by search engines results in the creation of an image-keyword relationship.

data compression and archiving

Photo loading is accelerated via compression and caching. Images downloaded by a browser are stored in its cache. When you return to the page, the image will be cached. The image server has to have a header value in order to allow caching. You may also enter the image’s expiration or earliest redownload dates in this field.

Images files can be compressed. They minimize file size when used with JPEG or PNG compression. The server must enable this function.

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